3 Pieces of Advice on How to Score the Best Internship Possible

If you are just finishing college, or you are in your senior year and need some work experience, it is time you found an internship that works well with your schedule, skill set, and graduation needs. If you are currently a major in exercise physiology, you need to make sure that the internship you get is related to your field, such as working in a physical therapy setting, hospital, or gym.

By scoring the best internship for your job, you can ensure that you improve your skills, make new connections in the field, enhance your credibility in the industry, and boost your confidence when it comes to getting a real job that pays you a salary and benefits. But the real question is – how do you get the best internship for YOU?

Although your friend may have an internship they like at a hospital, a hospital setting is not your piece of cake. Instead, know what you like, and then go for it. Here are three pieces of advice on how you can score the best internship possible when it comes to your career!

3 pieces of advice on how to get the best internship possible!

If you are looking for an internship to help supplement your education and start your career in a specific field, you need to focus on what you like, what you want to do with your life, and the important parts of your field that you want to focus on. Do you like treating patients in a clinical setting, or do you enjoy working on a sports team? Answering these questions can help you find the internship of your dreams!

Here Are the top three pieces of advice on how to find the best internship for you!

You need to find an internship that really resonates with you and your skillset if you want to succeed in your industry. Use websites, like Pathrise, to find what is best for our lifestyle and wants!

Figure out what you like

As we mentioned, knowing what you like is key. You can find out what you like by trying out various aspects of your field, such as different settings, working hours, and types of employers, which can all help narrow down your likes and dislikes within your industry. Once you find out what you enjoy, you can then hone in your internship possibilities to the certain locations and companies that you are drawn to. Use Pathrise to find the perfect internship for you.

Find a location that you enjoy working in

If you are located in a city, but you have always wanted a job in a rural setting or suburban setting, consider taking an internship in the location that you would enjoy living in. Internships should be fun – and you should have fun being there. If you work in an internship that is in the middle of a bustling city and you don’t enjoy crowds, this will not make you enjoy your job anymore. Use Pathrise and its location feature to narrow down your list of internships.

Find a positive work environment

The final piece of advice when finding the best internship is to choose a place of work that has a positive environment. You want happy employees, people who are dedicated to their work, and employers who treat their employees fairly.


By using job and internship websites, such as Pathrise, you can narrow down the extensive list of internships to the best few for you!