5 Best Project Management Software for Construction Industry

Having appropriate systems to monitor your progress and activities is essential because it helps you manage projects and clients successfully. It’s especially important in the construction industry to choose a user-friendly project management tool for internal and external stakeholders.

Construction project managers must address the various factors that trigger delays, develop workflows, and ensure that all specifications are met. Tracking subcontractors and suppliers to account for paperwork, labor, and lead times is a part of time management. Plan scheduling and monitoring strategies can help with these time management problems.

Online invoicing processes also equally play an important role because late payments can have a negative effect on a company’s cash flow. As a result, a well of funds for other projects can dry up and cause delays.

You can solve these obstacles with the aid of an online project management platform. Contractors, construction managers, and owners may use the following project management tools to build efficient plans, exchange design adjustments, and update regular logs for their projects.

Major Features of the Best Project Management Tool

  • Templates, filters, mobile app use, and task lists are all features of project plans.
  • Automated team collaboration, streamlined features, and subtasks
  • Team members can comment and receive updates in real-time.
  • Features for invoicing, scheduling, and billing
  • Customer reviews and real-time support desks
  • Features for task management

5 Best Project Management software for the construction industry


Invoicera is one of the most widely used and comprehensive construction project management software. With an A+ ranking and favorable feedback all over the internet, their consumer image is virtually spotless. Project management, quality and safety control, financial management software and are also included in the software.

General contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, and owners would benefit greatly from this project management system. The product is purchase-customizable, allowing users to choose the resources they need, making it suitable for any size consumer or company.

The desktop version of the cloud-based project management system is available as an online app. It’s also available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Invoicera Projects is a fully-featured project management app.

  • Help build budgets
  • Create estimates, generate bids
  • Handle change orders, and manage contract
  • Custom Workflow Management
  • Managing subcontractors and working with vendors

When to use Invoicera

The custom invoice software makes it suitable for users who need staff management, expense management features and makes it easy to use when on the go. The online portal and mobile applications of Invoicera are among the cleanest and most modern construction management tools.

Price: The plan is entirely free for the rest of your life.

 Business plan

You would pay $29 a year for 1000 active clients. It includes features such as 10 clients, PDF security, an approval process, and much more.

Infinite plan

This package allows you to have an infinite number of clients and staff. You would pay $149 a year to get this.


Basecamp is one of the most well-known, widely-used, and robust project management software for bringing all of your projects together.

Basecamp helps you to upload and share files, keep track of tasks in progress, and more. It provides teams with a more efficient way to collaborate on email via a message board, task list, event schedule, and chat room, among other features.

Overall, if your team needs a freeform atmosphere to promote Teamwork, this is a great app to use.

Basecamp Features

  • Here are some of the features Basecamp has to offer:
  • Subtasks and activities (called “to-dos”)
  • Message choices are numerous.
  • Daily reports
  • The task can be viewed in the calendar.

When To Use Basecamp

Basecamp is a fantastic tool for teams of 10 to 50 people who need to schedule and monitor projects and tasks. Basecamp is an excellent choice for users who value simplicity and are comfortable with a limited feature set.

Pricing: It starts at $99 per month


Construction contractors and small to mid-size construction companies may use RedTeam as an online construction project management solution. The product has many features, and the business has a good reputation among its customers.

Unlike other project management tools, it is one of the most cost-effective full-featured construction project management tools available.

RedTeam is visually appealing and enjoyable to use. But, determining if it is appropriate for your team can require some trial and error.

RedTeam features. What you’ll get is as follows:

  • Update project information, report incidents and expenses
  • Subtasks and activities.
  • Files are attached.
  • Task-specific comments & track hours.

Price:  RedTeam starts at $4,200 per year ($350 per month)


RedTeam offers a dedicated team to help businesses adopt the app for the first time. When a team member has a query, they may contact RedTeam’s support staff via chat or email or refer to RedTeam’s online help center.

4)Teamwork Projects

One of the best project management apps available, particularly for small companies, is Teamwork Projects. This online platform alleviates many project management headaches by providing team members with an intuitive interface that includes all of the resources they need to handle projects. It also allows for tracking project time, bill clients, and much more via a user-friendly GUI.

Teamwork Projects make it simple to build a project, create tasks and milestones for it, and delegate some of those tasks to other members of your team.

Here are some of the features Teamwork has to offer:

  • Exports of Gantt charts
  • Templates for project management
  • Features of the workload
  • Keeping track of time
  • Board’s perspective on the risk register

Price: Free trial available & Pro package- $9.99

When To Use Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects has almost all of the features that your project manager will need to keep things going, and many companies will find it to be well worth the time commitment. But because of the program’s numerous features, it may take a little longer to understand.

5) Wrike:

Wrike is a feature-rich project management tool that caters to the needs of a wide range of companies. Workload control, automatic workflows, and file proofing are only a few of the advanced features included in this software. Wrike also integrates with over 150 software applications, allowing you to get the most out of the software.

The following are some of Wrike’s built-in features:

  • Gantt charts are diagrams that show the progress of a project
  • Reports and Calendars
  • Keeping track of time
  • Permissions and user classes

Price: Wrike provides a free plan with five users and simple task management capabilities. A professional plan costs $9.80 per month per user, while a Business plan costs $24.80 per month per user.

When To Use Wrike

Wrike is best for small to large businesses that need in-depth features, such as time tracking, process automation, and reliable communication tools. Wrike, in particular, is a good fit for teams who are excited to learn new tech.

Keep in mind specific points while selecting Best Construction Project Management Software.

When considering project management software, buyers should think about a few things. The most critical considerations will be outlined in this section.

Size & Type of Business

Some products are geared toward large corporations, while others are geared toward small companies and contractors. Smaller businesses do not benefit from pricing models that operate well for corporate customers. As a result, make sure you’re looking at items tailored for companies of a similar scale.


 Many project management software packages would have very similar features, such as the power to manage schedules, monitor changes, collect data, and track budgets. Still, many features make your software unique. Examine the features according to the business needs and compare what these companies offer.

Customer Service

 You should only need to contact the software provider for help once the software is installed. In fact, you’ll probably need to contact customer support to ask questions or troubleshoot a problem. As a result, when evaluating the best project management software, customer care should be a top priority.

Product Usability & Experience

Almost all project management software providers deliver a free trial or a live product experience to potential customers. Please take advantage of these opportunities because they will allow you to familiarise yourself with the product’s interface and ensure that its workflow is compatible with your company’s needs and processes or not.

Software Deployment & Accessibility

Users that need remote access prefer online resources since they can normally be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Data is automatically modified and exchanged whenever a user makes an edit, and online tools are also suitable for organizations with highly collaborative processes.

Expert & Customer Reviews

Product reviews will provide the greatest insight into a piece of software and the business that makes it. Before making a decision, read what others have to say about these items and then select.

Finally, The list of suggestions is above if you already know enough about construction project management software to make a buying decision. Each app on this list has a free trial version that you can use to see if it’s right for you.

Please select the one that seems to be the best fit for you and give it a shot.