5 Things to Avoid Doing on Your First Date

You are the man of the hour as you secure that much sought-after first date. The lady you’ve been flirting with caved in and accepted the date offer. It is time to be Casanova and make her know prince charming is here. The excitement inevitably leads to dire mistakes.

The euphoria of meeting your sassy date from https://uadates.com/ukrainian-brides.html leads one to forget first impression rules. Bring her flowers, a card, dress the part, and do your homework. Do not assume to know what she might like to eat based on Google. Better to ask than embarrass yourself. Enjoy 5 handy tips on things to avoid on that first date

Ground Rules for the First Date

Meeting an exotic lady requires finesse. You are newly acquainted with differing cultures, viewpoints, and necessities. The lady is likely quivering, shy, and not sure what to expect. It is important to make her feel comfortable from the onset.


Throughout the past years, phones have become convenient, yet annoying. People become antisocial even at social events. Texting and receiving calls implies a lack of interest in a date. 

Leaving after receiving a call or text thus seems likely.  Keep your phone in your pocket, and do not place it on the table. Leaving it out implies you are expecting or hoping someone calls. Grabbing your phone for selfies is okay, but smiling every time texts are received is not.


Unless your partner imbibes unashamedly, and the plan is to get drunk, avoid imbibing. Never get drunk on your first or subsequent date. It reeks of immaturity and lack of respect. It shows you couldn’t care less what’s happening, or have short-term interests. 

Even worse is insisting your potential soul mate get drunk too. It means you are on the date for a one-nighter or would like them to pour out their soul immediately. She probably wants to get to know you first, before getting comfortable enough to bed you, or more.

Being Uptight

Uppity people are annoying, and arrogance and close-mindedness are also unattractive. If she/he is bubbly, play along. She sees something she likes so be free around her. Being friendly will secure your dates and help you maintain these friendships.

Finding something long-term requires you to be open-minded, and a free spirit. Being too serious either means you are hiding something or will be even less fun on dates to come. And ladies love guys with a sense of humor.


Order the right food for the occasion, especially something your partner enjoys. Account for cultures, especially if someone is from a different country from yours. Ordering a healthy meal might not be their plan. Not everyone is into vegan meals unless they say so.

The same would apply to your choice of restaurant. It would be a great idea to know what they would like to eat before making reservations. Simply assuming they are into American meals can be deemed presumptuous or even arrogant. It should be avoided at all costs.


Don’t be too showy on the initial date. No one likes arrogance or shows of wealth for no justifiable reason. The lady is probably hoping to get to know what makes you tick, and if money is it, it likely won’t fly with her.

Enjoy sharing on both your likes, as opposed to talking about your likes and dislikes. Above all else, avoid bringing up your exes and how much you spent on them. Making women seem like objects or subordinates should be avoided too.

Play it right and your next date might b