5 Tips to Add Interactive Content in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Business to business (B2B) marketing is much different from marketing your products to consumers. Why is that? You see, businesses have limited resources, and they actively seek to minimize their expenses and maximize profits. The goal remains the same for both small businesses and large corporations. However, in B2B marketing, the goal is to generate leads. In contrast, B2C marketing focuses on creating brand awareness.

If you want other businesses to embrace your products or solutions, you need to cultivate highly interactive advertising experiences. Your product offerings and services must speak to the audience about the benefits they will embrace through your brand. The marketing content should deliver an interactive experience that allows business owners to visualize the advantages you offer.

Business owners who are struggling with traditional marketing practices may find digital marketing too overwhelming. In reality, digital marketing eliminates all complexities, making it easier to deliver captivating advertising experiences. You can embrace several tools and solutions to engage your audience with highly interactive and immersive experiences.

Keep reading to pick up some effective tips you can incorporate into your marketing strategy to provide a more interactive experience to your customers.

1. Engaging & Immersive Content

In 2021, the digital marketing arena is dominated by immersive graphics and interactive content. Since people have less time in this busy modern world, they are more likely to catch up with more precise and informative content. However, many marketers failtocreate content that successfully captures the readers’ attention and makes them stick to their websites or advertisements for a longer duration.

If you’re facing similar issues, it is best to make your content interactive by embracing digital solutions, such as flipbooks. An interactive flipbook is a powerfully engaging medium to present information in an immersive manner. You can search for an online flipbook creator to make your brochures, reports, and customer guides interactively engaging.

These online page-turning features are much more appealing than eBooks, PDFs, and print-outs. We urge you to convert all your existing downloadable content into immersive flipbooks to boost marketing engagement. It’s wise to use your existing content efficiently before you invest in curating new content to test this strategy.

2. Create Winning Videos

Interactive videos are by far the most popular content medium to explore in 2021. Videos play a pivotal role in the success of B2B marketing campaigns. Interactive videos encourage participation and engagement rather than delivering a passive experience. They engage your customers by communicating and allowing them to make choices. Interactive experiences are highly personalized and communicative and work wonders at boosting lead generation and conversion.

However, certain elements differentiate interactive videos from their ordinary counterparts.These include navigation features, quizzes, lead forms, hotspots, and other engagement tools to boost attention spans. They offer a remarkable opportunity to collect firsthand information about your consumers through the data generated by their video interactions.

3. Open up Conversations

Conversational marketing is an essential component of a successful B2B marketing strategy. We advise you to use your interactive videos to cover topics such as sales consultations or branding elements to open up conversations.

It is worth mentioning that sales consultation sessions are a significant trend that allows B2B companies to cultivate a lasting relationship with their target customers. For instance, a live session on Facebook is an excellent trick to start a conversation with your consumers. You can address all their queries and introduce them to the winning features of your products and services.

Besides, online video conferencing tools and live features on social media are of the utmost significance. Modern-day consumers want to connect with brands before investing in their offerings. Business owners are immensely skeptical and careful in choosing the companies they want to partner with. Humanizing your brand on social media and social groups is an excellent way to benefit from digital networking platforms. This way, you can obtain instant feedback and enhance your sales funnel by interacting with your audience regularly.

4. Digital Calculation Tools

What do modern-day consumers and businesses respect the most while connecting with new brands and business associations? Aside from personalization and quality experiences, they seek transparency to associate values of trust and reliability with a brand. Online calculators and expense calculation tools will drive your business towards transparency and trustworthiness. They allow a business to easily calculate the expenses they will incur while investing in your products or services. Undoubtedly,it will prove a dynamic addition to your website and branding elements by sharpening your image and competitive edge. It will also instill confidence and credibility in your image as an expert within your given industry niche.

It’s wise to invest in a digital calculator that allows business owners to examine various costs and benefits such as their overall expenses, revenue generation potential, ROIs, risk gearing abilities, savings, and more. A calculator will also help you gather valuable data about your consumers’ financial health, expectations, and needs.

You can use this data to curate offers, products, and services that best align with the needs of your target audience. Such a tool will also help business owners understand the true potential and value of your business offerings. For instance, if you’re selling business loans or digital marketing services, a calculator can work wonders at boosting conversions. It will allow your consumers to compare your offerings with those of your competitors, thereby setting you apart in the industry.

5. Insightful Infographics

As explained above, business owners are inundated with work-related responsibilities and crucial decisions. They don’t have the time to read through lengthy reports and watch long and boring videos explaining complex technical details. B2B marketers must focus on presenting information in an interactive and easily digestible manner.

It is where infographics step in to make advertising initiatives interactive, insightful, and engaging. Infographics offer an immersive visual representation to present complex and overwhelming data in a highly readable manner. Besides, the use of listicles, colorful infographics, pie charts, information boxes, animations, and quizzes can transform the engagement levels of your content. You can incorporate infographics in any given content medium, be it marketing emails, flipbooks, or web pages. Infographics will work wonders at enhancing user experience and engagement, building a loyal audience for your content.


Curating an interactive and engaging marketing experience for your audience may seem overwhelming at first. But embracing digital marketing tools and solutions will make the process easier and simpler. Creativity is all that really matters. Above, we’ve shared a few tips that can help you in developing your marketing strategy more interactive for your customers.