5 Tips for Writing Riveting Marketing Emails People Will Actually Read

On average, a person receives 88 emails related to business every day. After opening it, people either delete or stop reading these emails in less than a minute. On the opposite of the spectrum, 72% of consumers prefer email as the avenue to receive promotional content from companies. Interestingly, email can also get click-through 6 times more than Twitter.

What makes some emails more effective than others? And more importantly, how can you get people to open and actually read your message if they receive tons of other emails every day?

Here are 5 tips for writing riveting marketing emails people will actually read:

Tip #1: Start with a captivating subject line.

Arguably the most striking part of an email, subject lines are the hooks that will determine if the recipients will let themselves get reeled in and read your message.

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With 88 emails in their Inbox, people are less likely to open, let alone read, each one of them. If you want your message to stand out, start with a subject line that grabs the recipient’s attention. It should be informative enough to tell people what they can find in the email and intriguing enough to maintain a sense of curiosity.

Tip #2: Make it about the reader.

If people are receiving your email, chances are, they already know a few things about your company. Although it might get tempting to jump on every opportunity to market your company, it doesn’t mean you should go for it. Use more You’sand Your’sthan We and Our’sso that the focus of your email is shifted towards the reader. People will be keener to read through and finish reading an email that is about them.

Tip #3: Keep it short and sweet.

53% of emails are accessed through mobile gadgets. This means that while checking your email, there’s a good chance that people are also active on social media and instant messengers. Reading a long-winding email will not be their priority.

People will assess your email if it is worth their while by glancing at its length. Don’t beat around the bush, be concise, and informative. A short and sweet message has a higher chance to be finished and remembered than a long, rambling one. It takes an amount of skill to attain this feat. That’s why it’s better to leave it at the hands of experts and hire a highly skilled writer who will take care of drafting your marketing emails.

Tip #4: Expound on benefits instead of features.

If you want a riveting marketing email that will keep people reading, focus on educating instead of selling. This is what happens when you explain the benefits that people will get if they support your brand or try out your product.

Ticking off the features of your products is not only redundant, it is also a waste of time. Features can easily be searched in your website or even product labels. What customers need to know is what is in it for them. Adding testimonials or links to feedback will also support this.

Tip #5: Use an appealing design and layout.

Good content is not enough if it is laid out on an inappropriate backdrop. Besides, an appealing design helps people read easily and absorb information more effectively. Eye-catching images also make textual data easier to remember. The right font, color, and visuals will rouse and keep the interest of the readers to finish and digest your message.

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Online business marketing is tricky because it is constantly revolving. Yet over the years, email has shown consistency in bringing more customers and revenue to a business. These 5 tips for writing riveting marketing emails people will actually read will get you on the right track.