How to Sell Your Home Faster Using These Tips and Tricks on Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of prepping your home for a sale. It includes the tasks of cleaning up the exterior of the home for a boost curb appeal and getting the house super clean. It is suggested to clear away the clutter, rearrange the furniture, stylize the dining room and polish and wax the floors.

The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. The hope is to sell the property as quickly as possible and for lots of money. If the house is looking spruced up, clean, and with its best features accented with furniture arrangements, it should move off the market quickly. The goal of staging a home is to make it more appealing while still allowing the potential buyers to envision putting their own personal touch on the property. Home stagers will bring in furniture, art, and accessories to ensure the decor is trendy.

There is a reason that home staging is a good thing and that is to make the potential buyer imagine themselves living in the house. The trick is to get them to see themselves living in the house right now and not in the future. If your life is dominant while they tour the home, it is the only way that they will see the house.

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When staging your home, the rule of thumb is less is more. You don’t have to move out, but since you will be moving anyway, pack up all but the essentials so your home is a blank canvas. There are a few tips that realtors offer that can make the process easier and more understandable.

First, you will want to start at the front of the house. Clean flowerbeds, trim bushes and mow the lawn. Remove trash cans and bicycles and toys from the yards. The front door should be clean and even freshly painted with a welcoming wreath and a couple of plants at either side.The first impression is very important and will affect the attitude of the potential buyer all the way through.

Make the Foyer bright and inviting with a large mirror so they can see themselves as they enter the house. This is the second impression they have of the home and they want to be warmly greeted! Using fresh flowers on a nearby table can create the Welcome Home feeling.

Most homes have way too much furniture and accessories. Minimize the amount of furniture to three pieces in the living room and try for the same amount in all of the other rooms. Remove all clutter and just a third of the books and knick knacks. Remove personal items such as photographs or trophies as they are a part of YOUR life not theirs.

Remove half the amount of stuff you have in your closets and garage. That way it will make them look like there is a lot of room. Use the same rule with cabinets and counters. If they’re stuffed full, buyers will think they’re too small. Keep them tidy and place just a few things on each shelf. Don’t forget to pare down your outside furnishings and accessories, too.

Clean, clean. Clean. Do a super clean when you first list the house and then maintain over time and regularly. Make sure that windows and tubs and behind toilets are kepts spic and span. Also clean out and straighten everything under the sinks.

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Arrange your furnishings to frame and accent the views from windows, any fireplaces and any standout architectural details. Put tall objects such as furniture, vases, paintings against tall walls. Use live plants throughout the house.They absorb the odors in your house, such as pet odors and smells from cooking. Plus, they make a soft edges in the room making it more inviting. They also bring the house to life. Use mirrors throughout the house. They reflect light making the rooms appear brighter and bigger and the potential buyer will see their reflection putting them inside the house!

Buyers look for flaws to negotiate a lower sale price. Make sure that you fix things before the first tour. Check doorknobs and stair railings and any cracks in plaster.

Update what you can. Sometimes it just takes a new color of paint on the walls and a new couch to make a place look modern and exciting. New kitchen cupboard handles and some under cabinet lighting is the sparkle that sets things off.

Getting a home ready for sale is not always the easiest thing to do. But with a little work, some cleaning and rearranging, you can get your old home sparkling, inviting and ready for its new life with new owners while you begin yours.

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