Artificial Intelligence: Road to build Scalable Business Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world.

You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it.

The question is, is it scalable? The short answer is, YES.

The scope at which AI is being implemented is wide and as far as we know it, it doesn’t have any boundaries. Let’s look at the world before Artificial Intelligence kicked in.

Businesses around the world were using agile technologies. The journey of an idea was from a whiteboard to the field where it took form. People had to interact and meet with each other for networking. They had to actually put in an effort to find relevant connections, market, consumer base, etc.

Business problems were solved with long meetings, coming up with strategies, designs, and architectures that would be sustainable. A lot of engineering involved, yes. Nevertheless, it was a huge problem for businesses to be scalable. Imagine this amount of work goes into one solution. Now the business has to expand and would require a similar, if not more, work to be put in.

This was a big hassle.

Enter, Artificial Intelligence!

Drive Marketing Automation using AI

Be it email marketing, content marketing, Ad targeting, social media marketing or search engine optimization, artificial intelligence has a hold in everything!

When it comes to email marketing, AI can be used to learn a customer’s email habits and even context. Relevant automated emails are now being sent by the AI system with appropriate frequency. This frees the human workforce of repetitive tasks and enhances customer engagement with the company.

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An AI-powered platform will even perform A/B testing for your business website or product and make changes to the marketing strategy or settings according to the results.

Ad targeting is an essential tool that is best performed by AI. The audience in different locations have different requirements and need to be handled accordingly. They need to be shown ads relevant to their area.

Customized ads according to users’ demographics, interests and laws prevalent in that area are shown. AI can optimize ad targeting campaigns depending on the responses from different locations. Moreover, content marketing strategies are nowadays created using AI.

Around 61% of marketers use AI as the most important factor when setting up their data strategy (MeMSQL).

Each and every interaction with the user are calculated, precise and exactly according to their habits and preferences, which are previously learned by the machine learning technology. AI can now help companies perform SEO website audits, and provide experts with appropriate reports which can be used to improve the performance of companies.

Even on social media, the kind of content you like to consume will decide what kind of network you build. So if you like to watch a lot of videos related to tech, the machine learning system will learn your preferences and will show you more content and more friend or follow suggestions similar to that. Those people will also be interested in the kind of content you prefer.

That’s how you build a relevant network.

If the scope of the ad campaigns and marketing strategies keeps expanding and AI will have no problem in scaling them according to the size of the business. Remember, AI is data-hungry. More data, the better.

Define Your Market for Recruitment

Artificial intelligence technology can help you define the market for business recruitment. Let’s see how it may do that.

So as I’ve already discussed the role of AI in social media; the role of AI in recruitment is kind of similar to that. The hiring platforms employ the use of Artificial Intelligence to gather candidates that fit the job role well.

The system scans the skills, experience, and talents of all the candidates who are available for hire. All the information is collected in a huge pool of data called the Big Data, which is processed by the Machine Learning technology to give us meaningful results.

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The job requirements are matched to every possible candidate and the relevant ones are presented to the recruiters in their recommended search results. This is how AI can help businesses grow at a much faster rate. Most of the manual search work is done by the machine. Humans have to select the best fit and then hire accordingly.

Automate Logistical Processes

With business growth, logistical issues arise to fit the scale of the business.

All around the world, Artificial intelligence is helping businesses deliver goods in a much more optimized way and saving huge transportation costs. The Artificial Intelligence system can help logistical teams figure out the shortest and easiest routes for transportation to different locations.

In addition to route moderation, AI can be used in machines like robots, that can help stock the products in warehouses, fully utilizing the space available. The robots can help stacking the parcels/packed products to the height and areas that may be hazardous for humans.

Furthermore, the most recent and advanced development in logistics area is that of product delivery through drones. Drones are programmed to carry lighter weights over small to medium distances. They can skip harshest of terrains, and even deliver to locations that are not easily accessible by road. Drones are even intelligent enough to maneuver their route and change the trajectory should there be any obstacle in the way.

Automation of logistical processes is one of the great factors that can help businesses become scalable.


The gist of the whole story is this:

Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate key to make business solutions successful and scalable in order to provide ease of users to potential customers in addition to reducing the overall workload for business teams. They can be used in every single department to enhance the efficiency of existing systems, improve the company’s productivity and give out better, more optimized results.

Around 80% of the businesses believe that AI can help them boost productivity, as per the stats provided by Narrative Science. Before AI, achieving high-quality results in a relatively short time was something that aligned with perfection. It was not achieved by people at all. They could try, but it would only end up exhausting them.

There is so much data available out there, that gathering, sorting and deriving meaningful information from is not possible for humans alone.

That is where Big Data analysis comes in and makes processes easier for us. AI makes use of data to customize the user experience according to the personal choices of each user. The most important thing is: AI assists businesses to comply with the laws of many different countries, so it is easier for them to expand their services.

For example, after the coming of the GDPR in May 2018, many countries have made it mandatory for the businesses registered in the European Union (EU) to follow appropriate Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) measures.

AI is now used by companies that provide KYC/AML solutions to businesses in order to comply with the EU laws and save a huge amount of money by avoiding regulatory fines. No matter how big or small a business goes, AI makes it possible for the company to be as scalable as we want, without any hassle.