7 Best Online Apps for Generating Leads

Managing any kind of business these days goes hand in hand with being present online. That is why people are always trying to find new ways to generate leads and to increase their reach and potential client base. That is why we have prepared for you some online apps for generating leads. We want you to save time on finding out which tool to use successfully and generate leads at scale. Therefore, we have talked to some marketing and sales experts and made a list of 7 lead generation tools to help you.

Online apps for generating leads you should make sure to try

People who are trying to increase their potential client base have tried all sorts of apps in order to find the one that suits their needs best. Those people already know what to look for and how that will be incorporated in their business. But, someone who is just starting a business on their own probably doesn’t even know where to start when looking for online apps for generating leads. Hopefully, reading this article will give you at least some ideas on where to begin:

  1. HubSpot,
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator,
  3. LeadQuizzes,
  4. Intercom Acquire,
  5. Quora,
  6. Callingly,
  7. WixShoutOut

These online apps will help you generate your leads faster

Some of you will try one of these online apps for generating leads and it will be enough for your business to either take off or to get boosted up. Others will try several apps in order to get the best fit for themselves. Whatever happens in your case, one thing is for sure –any of these apps will help you generate more leads and potential customers. Afterword, you can choose what to do with leads -whether you want to provide your customer with a precise moving quote, if that is your industry of interest, or just collect contacts to increase your database for the time being. Whatever the case, all you have to do is get down to business and start trying out.


This is one of the best online apps for generating leads because it can track behavior and touch points of users. It does that by using email, website, social media, calls to action and landing pages. We all know why social media is so important for business these days, but so are the rest of the platforms. This app has a built-in CRM which allows you to see what the interactions between your leads were. If you want to have all critical elements for generating leads in one place, this integrated system will certainly help you.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a social media network primarily concerning business with millions of visitors per month. It is actually one of the top ten social media sites for business that you can’t ignore. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is a fantastic tool for capturing leads, especially if you are in B2B sales. It gives you the opportunity to see who has seen your profile, but you can also receive recommendations for leads.

LinkedIn is one of the best solutions for B2B

The best thing is that you can save leads directly from LinkedIn into your CRM. This app is also very easy to use because it gives you a very useful sidebar. There, you can find all sorts of information when you hover your cursor over email addresses. If the email of your potential recipient is connected to their LinkedIn profile, of course. That way, you can easily generate leads and scale your client base.


It is a well-known fact that people love quizzes. If you are creative enough to make a test-your-knowledge or personality quiz, you can get a big audience. And it is interesting that this goes well both for B2B and B2C relations. In order for the people to get the results of the quiz, they need to use their email. So, you can see how quickly this can build up your client database. Because this kind of content attracts a lot of people, the cost per each potential lead will decrease, and your conversation rates will quickly rise. That will give you the opportunity to grow your database rather fast and for a reasonable amount of money.

Intercom Acquire

This is a great app that lets you communicate with your leads directly, while they are on your website. You can define certain rules for when you want this tool to be activated. For example, if someone is spending more than a minute on some of your pages, display them a direct message. Afterward, someone from your team can continue the conversation with the lead via messages or maybe even a video chat. This kind of direct connection resembles using any type of social media, and it is the reason why this is one of the best online apps for generating leads.


We can’t talk about generating leads without mentioning Quora. This has become one of the main online spots for asking and answering questions. Search for any topic related to your business and try to provide good and relevant answers. Since a very large audience is following both questions and answers, this will be a great place for someone to notice your business. Being active will help you present your company’s expertize, and that will most likely get you a lot of potential leads.

Make sure to use all the online opportunities you can


If you want to generate leads, you need to cast a wide net and then use the tools that will motivate people to respond to you. One of the most powerful online apps for generating leads is an online form. They are great for using because they can connect with other appsbut also are customizable. And the best part is that they are easy to set up, so you don’t have to be a pro when you are starting. So, the perfect match for lead generation tools is a combination of Callingly and an online form builder. When you combine them, once a new lead is submitted to your form, calls will start at the same moment. And that is a great perk to offer to potential clients because you save their time.


Do you know what’s great about WixShoutOut, one of the most popular online apps for generating leads? WixShoutOut website builder and hosting solution provides email lead service without additional cost to their website clients. You can get three shoutouts a month and get up to 5,000 emails. Which is a great number, we must say. And it will definitely help to build your potential client base.