English Course for IT Professionals

I keep meeting guys like this:  “I had 4 interviews with Google (or other high tech company) and they were about to hire me (because I’m so talented at what I do) but at the last minute they dropped me because of my ‘communication skills.’  They couldn’t understand my Indian accent.”

See if you can quickly solve these word puzzles.  If not, my course (American English Pronunciation for Indian IT Professionals) will definitely help your pronunciation (and teach you the rules behind these puzzles. Find answers at the end of this article.

  1. Gowoutinfindayello wapple.
  2. Wha rin the were ruld aryu struddingoff to?
  3. Pudidinthechruckbifor ri leave furreno.
  4. I feeyul thudee really yappreshiyatesme.
  5. Iyalways hope tubeyon time tu skoowul.
  6. The newatturney at my yoffice has bluewize.
  7. Tri yagin nafter riduwit.

After earning a master’s degree in teaching ESL, I taught accent reduction in Silicon Valley for over a decade.  I have worked with dozens of high tech engineers and managers from India. Students from different language backgrounds make different types of errors in English.

Therefore, I am making this course just for Indians  This will save your time because you won’t have to wade through material that is irrelevant to you.

You can take this course whether it is your first attempt at improving your accent or your second or third and you just want to review.  You are still bound to learn something new!

No one student is likely to make all the errors accounted for in this course.  These errors are gathered from academic articles describing English learner errors and private data collected from the pre-test recordings of over 50 of my past Indian students.  Their language backgrounds included Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, and Punjabi.

This course teaches pronunciation with advanced vocabulary words.  We are not just using standard words like “cat,””dog” or “go to the store.”

The sentences for each target sound start with simple, everyday words but then each section ends with IT sentences, which revolve around the topic of information technology, business or computers.  Words you use at work related to software and IT will be used in the course.  This makes it different from other courses, which tend to use very basic, mundane vocabulary.

The course is interactive.  At any time you can ask me a question, and I’ll get back to you.  You won’t be on your own.


  1. Go out and find a yellow apple.
  2. Where in the world are you strutting off to?
  3. Put it in the truck before I leave for Reno.
  4. I feel that he really appreciates me.
  5. I always hope to be on time to school.
  6. The new attorney at my office has blue eyes.
  7. Try again after I do it.

This first published course covers vowels.  https://www.udemy.com/american-english-vowels-for-indian-it-professionals/?couponCode=SMOOTHENGLISH3  This link will allow you to buy the course, which consists of one hour of information-packed video, as well as written summaries and quizzes, for only $10.  Consonants will be in a separate course.