Game On Anytime: 7 Reasons Why the PS Vita Still Reigns Supreme

For kids and kids at heart, we cannot deny how PlayStation and the cool games released throughout the years have made our childhood more fun and memorable. We might have even witnessed its development throughout the years until our favorite gaming consoles became as small as a piece of gadget. This means that we can enjoy our favorite games in high quality anytime, anywhere! Today, what has been trending is this portable gaming console from PlayStation called PS Vita. Some may think that it is not worth it because gaming consoles from other brands are better. However, we are here to prove otherwise and explain why PS Vita is still your best bet for a portable gaming console and why PlayStation still reigns supreme. Check this out.

1. Exciting games

One of the first things that gamers look at in consoles is the great array of games that you can play with it. The better the games, the better the console. Some say that there has been a common joke about the PS Vita being a game console with no games. Of course, that is not true. In fact, many of the games in PS Vita are classics that you can go back to. It has lots of AAA titles that can fit well in your PS Vita Memory Card. Some of the games that you can play with PS Vita are Killzone: Mercenary, Dragon’s Crown, Gravity Rush, and more!

2. Lots of options

There are a lot of things you can do with your Sony PlayStation Vita and a lot of options to try out. Some users have an OLED display for their PS Vita. Its d-pad also does not disappoint as it feels comfortable. You can bet, too, that their buttons are responsive and crispy when you click them. The PS Vita is quite compact yet just as comfortable when you hold it.

3. Great graphics

The aspect of graphics is a big deal when it comes to gaming consoles. Now that we are talking about graphics, it is high time to speak about one of the strongest points of these gaming consoles. When we talk of the resolution, PS Vita may just come in second after Nintendo Switch. PS Vita has a 5-inch display and a 960 x 544 resolution. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch is bigger with a 6.2-inch display and a 1280 x 720-pixel resolution. But that is just the resolution. When we talk about gaming graphics, the PS Vita has the upper hand because it looks better and more optimized.

4. Better portability

When we talk about portability, you can put your bet on the PS Vita because it feels good and comfortable when you hold it. Since the Switch has a bigger display, it will also have a bigger screen and therefore a bigger console. We already mentioned that the PS Vita has a 5-inch display. You can either get it in OLED or LCD. This will just depend on the model that you will get. It is sized 183.6 x 85.1 x 15.0 mm. With this, your PS Vita is quite portable and can even fit into most of your pockets! However, do not forget to put a screen protector on your PS Vita to avoid scratches and any other damage.

5. Remote play

This must be one of the best selling points for PS Vita. You can do remote play with your PS Vita. If with other portable gaming consoles, you can plug it in and play on a bigger display, PS Vita offers you a different choice with remote play. With remote play, you can play any PlayStation 3 or 4 titles anytime, anywhere—as long as you are connected to a strong and fast Internet connection. You can also use your PS Vita as an additional controller when playing with your PlayStation 4. Be sure to study the controls first, though!

6. Online network subscription

With your PS Vita, you can subscribe to a PSN account. This will allow you to access a lot of added content. You can even play online multiplayer by connecting Sony’s servers. Sony also provides free games to play with your PS Vita, PS VR, PS 4, and PS 3 monthly.

7. Model

We cannot end this list without commending the PS Vita’s hardware. The best thing about this console is its OLED display. The LCD is good too. PS Vita also has Bluetooth support. For those who love cute, colorful things, you might be interested in the Vita 200 because it comes in different colors.

Sit back, relax, and game on!

Here are just some of the reasons why we think the PS Vita is still in the game. If you want to relax and unwind, having a PS Vita in your pocket can help you destress. Just make sure that you have the game that you truly enjoy.