Healthland Centriq and Nextgen Software: Reviews and Pricing Details

HealthlandCentriq is a cloud-based software. The software has done its wonders by ensuring the aid to doctors and hospitals. Their daily workflow is covered, and the software also benefits other areas such as clinics, laboratories, emergency medicine, and radiology. Due to its efficient electronic medical records system, healthcare quality is improved, and doctors have shown their trust in the software. Moreover, heathland Centriq is an ONC-ATCB certified EMR and works in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Other features include revenue cycle management, electronic prescribing, and a patient portal. But, first, let us look at the different reviews about the software.

Healthland Centriq Reviews


• Some of the users had a fantastic experience, and they said that the best part about the software is that it has the best patient portal. They said that they were able to receive reports and offer frequent reminders so that the patients don’t miss their appointments.

• One of the other things that people mentioned was the charting system is made very easy. The interface is also easy to use, and the information is available online.

• Some users have also pointed out the intuitive design and homepage.

• Other reviewers talked about the use of healtlandcentriq and said that they provide customizable templates, and the users were also happy with the administrative functions.


• Some users did not have good reviews about the software, and they noted a lack of features in healthlandcentriq. Users recommended the addition of features in the software.

• Some users said that they did not find the text size of several subcategories to be large enough. Instead, they called the text “tiny” and recommended a change in the text size.

• Other users noted that there were frequent lags that hindered their work.

Nextgen EMR software

Nextgen EMR software is a cloud-based EMR system. It was the vision of two doctors back in 1998. Nextgen Software has just done wonders by providing the best features applicable to every size of organization and hospital. It is available to be used on any tablet and phone and is a touch screen enabled software. So, if the patient must book an appointment, seek referrals, or request refills, they have only one door to open: Nextgen meditouch EMR Software. Its growth is commendable as it is now used by more than 124,000 health providers in the United States of America.

Nextgen EMR Software Features

 Clinical Tasking

Nextgen medical software is a hub for all the clinical tasks you are required to do. It waives off the pressure of being physically present at the hospitals.

 Customizable Settings

You can customize the settings according to the need. Whether you must cancel an appointment, book one, or change your information in the patient portal, some options let you customize the settings.

• Electronic Prescribing

Electronic Prescribing saves you time! It is no longer needed to find a doctor at the hospital. Nor is it a compulsion for the doctor to write a prescription physically; this can be done just by a single tap on the screen, and this is the benefit of using Nextgen EMR software.

• Dashboard

Nextgen EMR Software’s dashboard provides easy navigation. The categories are separated for the users to see. Moreover, the icons are enlarged so that the user has no problem selecting the option of their choice.

• Interoperability

Nextgen EMR software has a distinctive feature of interoperability. Interoperability helps the program link with other software and generates information. For example, they are taking out the previous disease from other doctors. It builds a whole network where different health providers can have access to each other.

Nextgen EHR Pricing

The nextgen EHR price costs around $299 to $549 per provider. The prices may differ from package to package. The software is said to be cost-effective. Similarly, when we talk about nextgenehr demo, it is available for free to watch upon request. The users must request the demo, and they can learn about the details of the software through a visual presentation.

Nextgen software Reviews

There are many reviews found on nextgen software. For the convenience of our readers, we have divided the reviews into pros and cons. Let us look at the reviews


• Some of the users had a great experience using the software. They noted that whenever they had to see the previous record, they could easily find the records of earlier years. Having the possibility to check previous records made their medical journey smooth.

•  Some of the reviewers noted that the software is user-friendly. It was easy for them to navigate the processes through the easy interface.


• However, some of the users did not like their experience with the software. Some of them noted that the software was time-consuming in doing the easy tasks such as upgrades. They suggested improvements in the software and its working.

• Some other users noted that the problem with the software was that they did not have the ease in setting up the records. As a result, the users did not have a good experience and suggested improvements.

Our thoughts

Users often want to know nextgen software vs. healthlandcentriq, but there are no more significant differences; they have unique and beneficial features for the practices and organizations. However, some software might be free but not compatible with your practice, and some software might be expensive but compatible with your practice, so choose wisely!