How to Extract text from a PDF or Image?

Most of the time, you may need to extract important text from the images or PDF files for further use.

To extract the text from these images, you may write the words or content in a Notepad or Word document.

But, this process takes both and a huge amount of your precious time.

The great news is that there is no need to manually spend time typing the text manually.

Because some different tools and apps have been launched in the market which use the latest OCR technology to extract text from the images in no time.

In this article, we’re going to discuss multiple ways to extract readable text from images and other documents.

3 Best Ways to Extract Text from a PDF or an Image

The following ways can be used to easily extract the readable text from the photos and other documents.

1.    Using Google Docs Online

If you want to extract any readable text from the images, using Google Docs could be the best option for you.

It has a built-in OCR technology feature which helps to easily extract the text from document and PDF files.

If you’re a Google Drive user, then you already have such abilities at your fingertips that help you to quickly extract important text from the docs.

To use it, simply upload an image or PDF to Google Drive. Once the file has been uploaded to the account, now select Open with “Google Docs”.

The image or PDF will then be converted into a new Google document and is available to use for any purpose.

After converting the text, the file can be further saved into the system with one click.

2.    Online Image to Text Converting Tools

There are multiple images to text converting tools are available on the internet.

These online tools use advanced optical character recognition technology to scan and extract the text from the images.

To use these online converters, simply upload the image or other documents into the converter and click the required button.

Once you click the button, the image to text converterwill scan the entire image or pdf and quickly converts the readable text into the document form.

These tools are easily accessible and help several users to easily extract the text from the low-resolution images.

3.    Image to Text Converting Mobile Apps

By having an image-to-text converting app in the smart device, the process of converting the readable text from the images into the textual form becomes very easy.

There are multiple apps are available on both android and iOS platforms that use the OCR technology to extract text from PDF files.

Simply upload the image and click the required button to start the converting process.

The app will further scan the complete image and extract every single piece of readable text and converts it into the doc form.

Most of these apps are completely free and require no installation or sign-up process to convert the images into Doc form.

These apps are suitable for everyone including students, teachers, businessmen, journalists, and more.