How to Lock and Unlock Home Screen Layout in Samsung and Redmi

Here In this post we will explain how to unlock the home screen layout in both Samsung and Redmi mobile phones. If your screen layout is locked then we have the solutions for you.

Now first question is what “Home Screen Layout” is – Layout in the phone allows arranging the apps and widget on the home screen of the phone so it’s called Home screen layout.

Now if this home screen layout is locked that means you cannot delete or add any new apps or old apps or even widgets. If do that you must unlock the screen layout.

Actually, this is a feature so you do not delete the apps accidentally.  You know most of the time children play with phones and use without parents’ permission. This is the time that the Home Screen layout feature works. Your child can accidentally remove or uninstall the important apps.

This is what we are going to explain here –

How to Unlock Home Screen Layout in Samsung

  1. Long press (3 seconds) an empty part of the home screen.
  2. Tap Home Screen Settings.
  3. Toggle Lock Home Screen Layout off/on.

How to Unlock Home Screen Layout in Redmi

Redmi mobile is also getting popularity and become the most selling mobile phone. So its important to discuss about home screen layout lock and unlock feature for redmi phone. Below you will see the steps with images on how to unlock locked home screen layout in redmi

Procedure –

  1. Go to Phone settings
  2. Open Menu
  3. Scroll down and find Home screen Option
  4. Tap on Lock Home screen layout

These are the simple steps to follow and you can again delete any unwanted app from your phone and when you done that you can again turn the “lock Home Screen Layout” Off so you children’s cannot delete or uninstall any apps.