How to Make A Party Invitation Video for Free

Do you have an event coming up? Whether you are celebrating something personal or for business, sending out invitations is a must. An online video editor such as Promo’s editor will surely agree that there is nothing more important in planning the event than having all the right people there. You can only achieve this when you have sent out an invitation that will make people want to come.

How do you create a party invitation video that will convince the right people to be at your event? The first thing that you need to consider is having the right online video editor. As they say, the rest will then be part of history. While you may be used to sending invitations via snail mail, you can ditch that for something more exciting — a video invitation.

How do you do it? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Tip 1: Pick the Right Images You Want in Your Video.

The best videos are created not because you have the right tools including an online video editor you can trust. Rather, it is all about the images that you choose to put on the video. When you have the right pictures, your imagination is the only limit to what you can do.

There are a few things you need to remember when picking the images to include. First, you must keep in mind the overall theme of the invitation as well as the party. The images have to suit the theme of the celebration. While random photos may look nice, those that go well with the theme make the video invitation even more perfect.

Second, if images are not available and getting a professional photographer is not part of the budget, then go ahead and look into the stock photos. Take your pick. Make sure that you are still guided by the theme of the event. Maybe you can include a picture of a cake or some balloons. Maybe you can pick an image of some people making a champagne toast. All of these show a celebration of some sort. The best part about stock photos is that they are taken by good photographers too, so you can be confident about their quality.

Tip 2: Include The Guest of Honor.

Why is the celebration happening? Remember that there is always a reason why celebrations are made. Every online video editor you find will have the same suggestion as all the rest. Include an image or a video clip of the party’s guest of honor. After all, he or she is the reason why the celebration is even happening.

Parties, whether for business or personal, are always about the guests. This is one of the reasons why you should invest in creating a good video invitation. So if you are celebrating a retirement or a milestone in a person’s life, go ahead and give them all the attention they deserve.

After all, the beauty of a party is based on how happy the guest of honor will be. It does not matter what online video editor you choose to use. For as long as it gives the guest of honor a shower of attention that they want, then that is all that matters.

Tip 3: It’s All in The Text.

Since you are creating a video invitation, the details of the event could easily get lost in all the music and the images. This is why you should keep the text and include all the details of the party there. Start simple and remember to keep it short.

“You’re invited!” could be a great beginning. “Join us for a special celebration!” should also be a catchy opening. After these, you can write the specific details of the event like the reason for the celebration. Don’t forget to write the details as to when and where the party is happening. Make sure to fill your guests with all the details they need to be at the party.

After all, your online video editor will be useless if you don’t put an effort into the text to be included in your invitation. Also, the event won’t be deemed successful unless you have all the right people at the same place at the right time. Make sure to spell it out in the text. It’s all in the details!

Tip 4: Make the Closing Matter!

How do you put an end to a wonderful video invitation? This is the part where you make a statement that will make all your guests want to come to the party. After you have chosen the online video editor you want to use, you have to work on a powerful closing for the invitation you have just created.

There are a handful of ideas you can choose from. First, you could decide to put a hilarious photo or a funny video clip at the end. It may seem like it’s just for the laughs, but it actually gives guests an idea of what they could expect at your event. You are not promising them anything short of a great time.

Second, you could also throw in a flashback photo of something special that happened last year. This could give a good smile to your guests’ faces. This style is particularly good for annual events. It’s a strong reminder of how good memories always last and that the party is yet another event where everyone could make great memories with each other.

Third, you could also choose to include short clips of how the guest of honor was a few years back. The flashback photos will get the guests excited to find out how much the guest of honor has grown over the years.

Parting Words On Using an Online Video Editor To Create a Video Party Invitation

Finally, the closing you choose for your video invitation says it all. It has to be as strong as your opening. Make a statement that will encourage the guests to really come and take part in the event.

Do you have an event coming up? Go for a video invitation instead. There is nothing like it that your guests could not help but get excited about too.