How to see who views your Facebook Profile?

How to See who Views Your Facebook Profile & Videos? See who is Viewing my Profile on Facebook?

Facebook has now billions of users who are active on facebook. Now with billions of users there is million dollar question arrives “how to see how views my profile on facebook”.

Number of people has that question because they want the privacy. We are here with the answer of that. Below we have mentioned multiple ways how to see who is viewing your facebook profile.

Here are the step by step process – How Can you See who is viewing Or viewed my facebook profile & Video’s in 2021

  • First Open your browser and type
facebook - etalktech
  • Enter your email address or phone number and pass to enter your account.
  • Access your profile page by clicking your name on top right corner.
  • Now you will be on your profile page, Now Right click anywhere on blank space on your profile.
  • You will see a small menu – click on the view page source
  • The new tab will open with Page source.
  • Do CTRL+ F to open the find a window – Type “BUDDY_ID” in that search box. This text will highlight on your screen.
  • You will see Id numbers separated by comma’s in that page source.  These id numbers represent the person ids.
  • Just copy that id number and go to the new tab in your browser.
  • Then type id numbers hit enter. The profile page will open who has viewed your Facebook profile. To see all you just need to copy and then check all profiles.

Finally, Facebook has also given the option “who is visited/viewed My Facebook Profile and Video’s”

Yes, you can now see who has viewed your Facebook profile. The new feature lets you see who visited your profile in the past 30 days, past day as well as who has viewed your most recent posts.

who is viewing my fb profile etalktech

You can find this feature in under privacy setting and not for all users. This feature will only work for IOS app.

Now to see who has viewed your Facebook profile, go to the main drop-down menu. Go down to Privacy Shortcuts.  Then you see a new feature “Privacy Checkup”, you will find the new one “ Who Viewed my Profile? Option.

Click on that and you can see the list of people who is viewing or viewed your profile recently as show in above image.

3) Using Google Chrome Extensions you can come to know that who is viewing my facebook profile

I must say this method is very easy; it won’t take more than few secs of your time. However there are some restrictions. It will only work on chrome extension.

  • Just open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Go to the Google extension Web Store
  • Find “Facebook flat” Extension and install by clicking blue button.
  • Go to Facebook website to see the results. You will see new facebook profile look with new features.
  • Now we have to see who viewed the facebook profile. Go to “profile Visitors” menu, this will show you how viewed your facebook profile.

    That’s it. It’s super easy to know who has viewed your face book profile.

4) 3rd Party ISO Apps to find how viewed your FB profile & Video’s

As you have read all the above methods and above methods are super easy. Who are using desktop to check out how is viewing their fb profile then above methods are great.

But if someone wants to check it out using mobile apps then no need to worry. We have a solution for that as well.

Here is the app named “Social Fans”. This app is built for Itune and you can find it on the apple store. This is also one of the easy methods to check out how is viewed your FB profile.

Hope this article has solved your problem of “Who is viewing my facebook profile” in 2020 and 2021

If you think there is still anything we should add to this article then you can reach to us and inform us through the comment section. We will try to add or enhance our article.

Where can you see how many people have viewed my Facebook Page?

To see the number of people who viewed your Page:

  1. From your News Feed, click in the left menu.
  2. Go to your Page.
  3. Click Insights in the left menu.
  4. Click Page Views on the left.

From here, you can see views by:

  • Section (example: Posts, Videos, Photos).
  • Age and Gender.
  • Country.
  • City.
  • Device (example: computers, mobile devices).