The 4 perks of using a reminder app vs. leaving voicemails

If you are trying to get clients in the door and avoid the dreaded no-shows that are going to wreak havoc on your business’s productivity and employee happiness, then consider using a reminder app to help your customers and clients. Instead of leaving lengthy voicemails that are often left unanswered and unheard, using a reminder app is the best way that you can almost guarantee that your message will be seen, your client will show up, and your employees will not be wasting their time waiting for customers on the day of their appointment.

But why are voicemails no longer effective in reaching your current patients, clients, or customers? Haven’t voicemails and calls been a thing for the past decades of communication between customers and businesses? Although this used to be a tried and true method of getting in touch, people rarely check their email nowadays. Many people do not even have their voicemail box set up!

Instead of leaving voicemails, friends and family will leave text messages to remind the person to call them back. Nobody calls their mailbox anymore – this was much more common when we had landlines and we missed an important phone call. Today in modern times, businesses are using other outreach methods to get in touch with clients – such as a reminder app. Let’s see why a reminder app is the most effective way of connecting with clients vs. leaving voicemails and cold calling.

 Saves time

Instead of spending time and effort on calling every single person who has an upcoming appointment, using the reminder app is the best way that you can save time for your employees. Instead of having the dedicated worker or receptionists in your business spend time dialing, calling, and speaking, you can use an automated reminder app to send text messages instantaneously on the day of someone’s appointment to boost productivity and avoid wasted resources.

Increase conversion

The next benefit of using a reminder app is that you can increase the conversion rates of your customers. Instead of having someone think about booking an appointment – and then never make the jump – you can increase the conversion rate by sending reminders to clients to move forward in the process.

 Increase engagement

The third benefit of using a reminder app instead of leaving a voicemail is that it can increase engagement rates. Since people are always on their phones – and check their smartphones hundreds of times per day – the chance of seeing a message and engaging back is much higher with a reminder app than with voicemails.

 Better analytics

The last reason to use a reminder app instead of voicemails is that you can use your analytics to learn more about the efficiency and productivity of your business. What is working and what’s not? Find out more by using a reminder app to boost your office efficiency!


Are you debating using a reminder app or leaving voicemails for your clients? If so, then using an automated appointment reminder app can help you save time, boost employee retention rates, avoid wasted resources, increase conversion rates, and enhance the overall customer experience!