The 5 Times You Can Use Social Media to Promote a Given Contest?

I. Use Social Media to Announce the Contest
A. Explain what will be expected from each contestant
B. When is entry due?
C. What prize(s) are being offered?
D. Avoid posting a large number of details.

II. Use Social Media to Name the Judges
A. These judges usually volunteer their services.
B. By posting information on the judges’ credentials, the organization holding the contest provides added publicity, in the place of payment.

III. Use Social Media to Give Names of Semifinalists.
A. Approach to take when more than one entry appears to qualify as a possible winner
B. Encourage semifinalists to share with friends and relatives news of their standing.

IV. Use Social Media to Announce Winner
A. Again, it pays to encourage the proclaimed winner to spread news of his/her accomplishment.
B. Suggest that all are winners, and thus pave the way for one last announcement.

V. Use Social Media to Announce Post-Contest Celebration
A. It could be a celebration for all the winners.
B. It could serve as a way to thank all that participated in the contest.