What are the Top 5 Skills that Every Digital Marketer Should Learn?

Digitalization has been increasing day by day. Digital Marketing is one of the best and most demanding industries in the future world.

Using your desktop and good speed internet connection you can win the world. There is no limit of income. I have been in this industry since last 7 years. I have earned healthy amount in these past years and scope is increasing dramatically.

Digital marketing give us freedom, we can even work on holidays or we may not work on working days. It depends on our comfort.

Below are the skills that you must learn if you want to become a successful Digital Marketer and turn your life toward a successful entrepreneur.

1) Search Engine Optimization: – Most of the people think that SEO is pretty simple. It’s all about link building. But I believe it’s not so easy.

Some people believe that SEO is DEAD but SEO is gaining its popularity.

Do you know the facts about SEO mentioned below?

  1. 40% of customers come from Search
  2. 70% of the links searches users click on are Organic
  3. 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results.
  4. 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results
  5. 90% of online experience begins with a Search Engine.

There are regular changes in Google search algorithm and SEO techniques and practice are changing based on that.

Black hat SEO is going down and business are beginning to evaluate the importance of White hat search engine marketing techniques. Those who are not aware of SEO techniques are frequently searching for SEO companies or individual person to market their business. Because they are aware that how important search engine optimization is.

If you want high profile job within the digital marketing world, learn SEO. However I want to inform you again that “SEO is not Easy”

You need to spend time and requires a genuine interest to stay on top of the constant changes to Google’s Algorithms.

2) Email Marketing – Sending Email was simple in the past. There was no attractive email template. Now it’s all about niche targeting and analyzing bounce rates and ROI.  Email marketing has a higher return on investment then a simple email, direct mail or traditional emailing.

Research has shown that email marketing is the marketing tool of choice for business looking to attract, retain and grow customer trust.

Email Marketing mostly prefer to:-

  1. Increase sales
  2. Generate leads
  3. Brand Reputation
  4. Website traffic
  5. Build Relationships with customers

Few tips to Maximize your Email Marketing Campaign;-

  1. Know your Audience
  2. Craft your Message
  3. Choose the Right Format
  4. Look for Measurable Results

Companies need people who can help them to build large lists from scratch. Crafting and searching long list of existing client base is an extremely challenging job.

If you know how to find that list, you possess an extremely valuable skill. Clients will beg you to do their work.

3) Social Media Expert –

Social media is one of the most demanding areas to increase to the business. Understanding social media is your admission ticket to a digital marketing. Being “good at Twitter” is not enough. You must need to understand bad and good points of social media.

There is no doubt that companies are looking to maximize their profit through social media tools. It is the fact that most of tech companies are also not enough aware of “ how to capitalize the power of social media marketing”.

Why Go Social?

What is the value of having a social presence online?  Here are a few reasons small business should be part of the social media scene.

New Customers – 78% of small businesses now get at least one quarter of new customers via social media.

61% of young people refer to social media to decide where to go when they go out.

Customer Engagement – 27% of Americans check their social networks several times a day.

35% of businesses check brand pages regularly as part of their social media activity.

27% all together social media takes up to 27% time spent online.

Reach –

Facebook – FB have 1 Billon active users

Twitter – 200 Million active users

Google + – 350 Million active users

LinkedIn – 250 Million active users

When you will use these platform , you need to find the best times of day to post, the types of content that generate the most user engagement.

You must need to develop an understanding of copywriting, analytics and visual marketing. Just prove your clients that you can achieve expected results that will grow their businesses through social media channels.

4) Paid Advertisements –

Another best demanding skill that every digital marketer should learn is PPC marketing. There are number of paid adverting platforms. Google adwords, Bing and Yahoo search marketing, FB paid promotion and many more.

Those businesses who want quicker results as compare to search engine optimization, they usually prefer paid advertisements. Google has take over around 80% of search engine marketing.

Most of the businesses preferably go with the Google adwords campaign.  But the problem is, they do not know how to properly generate a high return on their investment.

That’s why there is a need of PPC expert. The goal of a PPC expert is to help a company to reach at number one position within Google by bringing in high quality, targeted traffic.

Sounds Easy!!!! But wait PPC is most advanced marketing tool that need analysis, practice and marketing strategies.

This is very complicated but important job with high risk factor. Which is why it’s one of the best demanding and paying job?

5) Content Marketing –

You must have heard that “Content is King”. This is the era of information. Everyone is looking for information. If you do not have enough content on your blogging website then it’s hard to bring viewers to your money site.

Biggest Content Marketing Challenges to face in Today World.

36% – Producing Engaging Content

21% – Producing enough Content

20% – Budget to Produce Content

11% – Lack of C-Level Buy-in

9% – Producing a variety of content

3% No answer

Good thing about content marketing is that it goes viral. It goes hand in hand with many other skills listed in article.

If you have content marketing skills then you can effective produce social media content, easily write ad copy of PPC marketing and easily deliver content for Search engine optimization.

If you can get a couple of viral articles or videos under your belt, the sky’s the limit, and you will be able to take yourself as high as you want.

So which marketing skill do you love the most? And which one helps you to generate maximum income?