Top 25 Common Social Media Sites List for Business That You Can’t Ignore

Social media is a good way to connect with your friends, family and share your words, moments with them. What else do you know about social media?  Actually social media is a wide concept. Not everyone knows about it fully. I’ll tell you about different Social Media’s and how you can use them right to get success. Let us begin:

Below are the top social media sites list for business and personal use.

1. Facebook:

When we hear the word social media, 90% of us think about Facebook first because Facebook is the largest social media platform in terms of users since it started. You can use this huge traffic for your business needs. Create a good Facebook page of your business. You can promote your page through your personal fb profile if you have lots of friends or you can contact a person who can help you to do that by sharing your page to his friends. Once you have some followers you can start posting some quality content on your page.

Just remember the fact that your content should be informative related to your business not just an promotional stuff of your business because visitors will engage with your post only when they find it informative & once you have visitors at your page & some of them will be interested in your business or products as well.

2. Twitter:

Twitter has its own importance. Doesn’t matter if you can’t share more than 140 characters there, doesn’t matter if it have less users then Facebook but you can easily share a link of your stuff or a good image on twitter. All you need to create a good reputation on Twitter so that people follow you and share your links and images.  You can do so by sharing your facebbok posts links. Just keep in mind that twitter has highest no. of users after facebook and more then millions are using it for their business purpose.

3. Instagram:

Instagram is a visual platform where we can share images, videos. I guess you must be using it for sharing your personal images and moments then why don’t you use it for business? We all know that human mind find it more interesting to view a image or video then words.

Just create good images or videos and share it on your Instagram profile.  Use some hash tags as well to explain about that particular image or video. Engage your audience in the comments.


4. YouTube:

 When one of your friends recommend you to watch a viral video, where you search for it? YouTube, right? That’s how it goes. YouTube is the largest platform to share n view videos.  You can find any time of video from entertainment to space research.

Imagine you are running a private clinic. Then you can create a YouTube channel to share videos explaining about different health problems and solutions to those. People will view your videos because you are providing something that is beneficial to them.

And when you have huge no. of followers at your YouTube channel then you can start explaining a bit about your clinic like its services or web address in the description area of your new videos you add every time.

5. Pinterest:

Pinterest is a good platform to share different type of images or videos for the same business. In simple words, you can organize your images in different-different categories like imagine you are running a clinic and there are different-different services in your clinic. You can create the stuff for one service in one category and so on for other service. So you can use Pinterest for your business and the good thing is Pinterest is one of the best social media network for business.

 6. Tumblr:

 Tumblr is a microblogging social networking site where you can create your own blog to share your content. You can share anything at Tumblr like article, video, image.  You can really find genuine followers in bulk at Tumblr if you have informative content.

 7. Snapchat:

 Snapchat is really an interesting social media platform which have grown a lot in last few years. I’ll explain it with the same example. So when you are working in your clinic, click a good picture showing your work, add some art to give it more attractive look  and share it to the Snapchat. Just remember that you can share it to those only who have added you on Snapchat.

8. Linkedin:

Don’t forget Linkedin. Linkedin is another social media network with millions of visitors per month and which is known for its strictness to spammy content and users. So be aware about what you are posting on Linkedin. Your content must be unique and according to the rules of Linkedin.



Some Other Important Social Media Sites You Should



9. Xing:

Another professional networking and recruitment site, Xing has the global presence and focus that LinkedIn does’t have much.

Although it can be misunderstood as a job search site, the site actually has a number of features that make it very easy to develop relationships with suppliers and audience.

10. Renren:

 Renren is China’s largest social platform. Hugely popular with the younger crowd, it works in a way similar to Facebook.

11. Disqus:

Disqus isn’t actually a social media platform so much as a social engagement platform, but it can definitely help you improve your social engagement.

12. Twoo:

This Belgian social network site is geared for the 25 and under crowd all over the world. Alongside normal social features like posts, updates, and photo sharing.

13. Vine:

Vine offers users the chance to share & view lengthy video clips. You don’t need to look for creating a video clip that is limited for few minutes only. You can create & share a brief video clip.

14. Medium:

 If you’ve ever wished that social engagement could come with an ongoing, up-to-date “how to” manual written by the experts, Medium might be just what you’re looking for.

15. is europe’s largest social media site. It is the Russion version of Facebook. Everything is same like facebook, you can create a professional page or personal profile.

16. Meetup:

Meetup is a perfect place for organizing and managing local groups of same interests as its name indicates.

17. Secret:

Secret is the social media network that you might haven’t heard of even. The idea is simple: join into a group of friends (or create your own group), and then share anonymous messages.

18. Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is a good chatting app. You can also use Whatsapp for your business need. Just create a good group by your business name and add people of your business interest in this group. Share important messages and information with them regarding your business or work.

19. MyMFB:

MyMFB is  a Muslim alternative to Facebook (it was previously called MillatFacebook), this site aims to connect the faith’s 1.5+ billion followers into a single social platform.

20. Wechat:

It is an all-in-one communications app for messaging and calling like Whatsapp that helps you to connect with the people of your interests.

21. QQ:

Tencent QQ (commonly known as QQ) is an chatting based social media platform. It became international (nearly 80 countries using it), since it was built and launched in China.

22. QZone:

Like WeChat and QQ, QZone is yet another social platform developed by Tencent. You can share photos, watch videos, listen to songs, write blogs, maintain diaries and so many other things.

23. Skype:

One of the most popular communication-based social networking platforms. Freely connect with world through voice calls, video calls and text messages.

24. Viber:

A multi-lingual social platform, available in 30+ languages, is well known for its text messaging and voice messaging features.

25. Sina Weibo:

It’s a microblogging social platform in China that is famous for its great mix of Twitter’s and Facebook’s features.

No. of active users per month is around 222 million.