Top 3 tracking apps: Pick the Best Cell Phone Tracking App

Cell phone monitoring applications are extensively used across the globe. A cell phone tracker app is used to spy on smart devices such as mobiles, tablets, and computers/laptops. There are advanced features such as GPS tracking, call monitoring, app tracking, and many others to get information about someone. Every spy function is performed remotely, which means you don’t have to access the device for hacking like in the old days.

As intelligent devices have advanced, cell phone tracking apps have also upgraded. People like parents or employers will always need spy apps because they require monitoring the online activity of the child or employees. There are millions of reasons for a parent to choose a hacking app than leaving your loved ones unattended. And there is no harm in relying on these tracking tools because it’s safe and a better choice of handling harmful situations.

In the world of advanced monitoring apps, it’s difficult to choose the best cell phone tracker app. Once you start to research, many applications will pop up but will only have standard functions. To select the best option, you should keep in mind what is required for spying rightly. Ensure to choose an app with advanced features such as GPS tracking, call recording, geofencing, and more.

I’ve been reviewing spy apps for years, and for your ease, I’ve summarized the top 3 tracking apps so you can choose the best. You can trust this guide as I’ve deeply researched each feature, compatibility, and work. Here are the top 3 apps.

  1. TheWiSpy
  2. FlexiSpy
  3. mSpy

These apps are highly reviewed and are explained in this article for your better understanding.

1. TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy is the best cell phone tracker app around the globe; the primary reason for this app is to offer advanced and highly functioning spy features to parents and employers. You can monitor the online and digital activity of the kid or the employee during school/office hours from a remote area.

You have to install the best cell phone tracker app on the respective device required to hack. And then, using high-quality functions, you can start controlling right away. You can start monitoring by using features such as GPS tracking and many others. It works in stealth mode that means you can spy in secret mode. 

Powerful features:

You can check out these powerful features of TheWiSpy best cell phone tracking app and know it’s worth it.

·         Phone contact hacking:

TheWiSpy offers robust control of phone contact hacking to parents, you can check contact history and block strangers using the app. You can filter out the people your child is contacting daily.

·         GPS location spying:

You must know where your kid or employee for monitoring their behavior. Children don’t inform folks where they are going but with the help of GPS location tracker. It will manipulate the map and provide live location quickly.

·         Phone call history spying:

TheWiSpy provides access to the call history of the target device, and you can view the updated history every time and block contacts.

·         Geofencing:

It is the most advanced feature of TheWiSpy that allow parents to put restriction on specific locations. There are some areas you never want your kid to visit. You can block bad places through the map. Every time your teen will enter the zone, you’ll get a message or alert.

·         App monitoring:

Spy on all social media apps using the best cell phone tracker app that has the exceptional feature. You will have access to all accounts logged in on the device. Monitor what your kid is experiencing out in the digital world.

·         Surround recording spy:

It is an advanced feature that can help you in catching bad intended employees in the office. Once surround recording spy will enable, the app will activate the microphone to start recording the conversation.

2.     FlexiSpy:

FlexiSpy is one of the top cell phone tracking apps that offer spying for android and IOS smartphones, tabs, and laptops. You can get updates on the daily online activity of your child or employee using the advanced features of the FlexiSpy app.

It works remotely, but you have to install the application first on the device you want to spy. There are intelligent features such as call recording, text spying that come in handy for tracking remotely. You can download the app on your phone, so it’s easier for you to keep track of every movement on the child’s phone. Three different plans make it easier to purchase the app such as lite, premium, and extreme.

Important features:

Here are some features that make FlexiSpy the best cell phone tracker.

·         Phone call recording:

FlexiSpy offers a phone call recording feature to record and listen to every call of the target device by enabling it.

·         Live camera spying:

FlexiSpy cell phone tracker app gives you open access to the camera and helps you capture live pictures through the target phone. Get proof and get the harasser arrested by showing proof to the police.

·         Live microphone spying:

You can have access to your child’s phone using this feature, and it’ll help you record calls and send them to you instantly.

·         Access to multimedia files:

Get insights into the stored files on the cell phone of your employee by using this feature. You can view and delete document files, audio, videos, and pictures sitting remotely. 

·         Browser history tracking:

Keep track of what your kid has access to by using browser history tracking, and you can view and block certain websites.

3.     mSpy:

mSpy is a high-quality monitoring app for parents to keep track of their children’s online activity in detail. It has all the necessary and advanced spying features, and it is easy to use and provides authentic results. You can install mSpy easily; it only takes almost 10 minutes of your time to make the app working. Activate the advanced features and start hacking on your kid’s phone right away.

Advanced features:

Here are some of the many advanced features of the mSpy cell phone tracking app.

·         Manage calls:

You can manage calls such as view details about the incoming and outgoing calls; it includes contact, time duration details.

·         Spy on messaging app:  

mSpy provides access to all messaging apps, you can spy on text messages of different social accounts such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat.

·         Live location hacking:

Hack the current location of your loved ones in minutes using the advanced feature live location hacking. You can activate the function, and it’ll process the data and give you the results in seconds.

·         Internet history monitoring:

You will have access to the internet history using this feature, and you can view the approached content and block inappropriate website remotely. Control what your kid should watch and secure their mental health that the internet can ruin.

·         Control installed apps:

It is a piece of cake to control all installed apps on your teen’s phone, you can enable this feature, and it will provide you access to all accounts. You can view app activity anytime you want, from posts to text messages.

·         Screen recording:

You can record the screen activity of your child using this feature. When you suspect something and need proof, you can activate the feature, and it’ll start recording the screen.

Essential functions to look in quality tracking app:

From my experience, certain essential things need the user’s consideration for using a cell phone tracker, and here are some of the main functions required to choose the right app.

Real-time results:

Generally, in spying, it is crucial to get results instantly. Such as a worried parent is trying to reach the kid and required a current location, they would want a real-time result. If not, then there is no point in using the cell phone tracking app. That’s why you should consider an application that can offer real-time and authentic outcomes.

User ease:

Most spying app users are old, such as parents, and want a simple and easy user interface. So, they can track their kids without putting much effort, you should purchase an app that can offer high-standard results and ease for you.


The quality working of an application is dependent on how compatible it is with your phone\device. Before rushing into buying any android spy app, make sure it has high compatibility with overall devices.

Necessary features:

An app stands on the features it has to offer, so it is essential to choose an app that has advanced and high-quality functions. Review apps and then decide for better results.

Affordable subscription plans:

You’ll find hundreds of hacking apps online, and all of them have different prices. But in the end, it is up to your need, choose an application that meets your budget and at the same time can offer you affordable subscription plans too.

Final word:

You can get a high-quality app, but there are certain things that you should keep in mind; after analyzing your needs, you should reach a decision. You might find a perfect tracking app but an expensive one, and the low-budget apps are trash. Relax and figure out what you need. After that, you can find the right one.