Top SEO Lead Generation Strategies

The success or failure of any business depends on the strategy that the business uses, and the case is the same with SEO lead generation strategies. Better strategies will help you generate more leads and consequently more customers.

Nowadays, the number of people with access to smart mobile devices and the internet is high. This means that the number of people searching for information online is similarly high. The information can be about a product, service, or even entertainment.

Without a proper SEO strategy, your site will not be among the top searches. Sites that appear on the top are usually ranked by search engines using the keywords that were employed during the creation of the site. Depending on how your site was developed, while potential customers are conducting their searches, it may or may not pop up among the top searches.

In this article, we will discuss the top SEO lead generation strategies that can not only help increase your traffic, but also turn the traffic into customers.

How important is SEO in lead generation?

In the past, organizations have primarily used paid media like ads to generate traffic. It proved to be an effective method back then, but not in this current generation of internet users. Studies indicate that people are actively looking for adblockers to completely remove ads from their browsers. In the US alone as of 2018, 24.4% of internet users are blocking ads off of their devices, and the number is growing yearly.

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This means that you cannot entirely depend on paid media to generate leads. If your SEO strategy is not good, then chances are that you are losing a huge amount of search traffic that can be potential customers. If your SEO is done properly, then the leads never stop coming. Marketing is taking a different route with more focus on internet users.

Many internet users now consider paid search a nuisance. A better business digital marketing strategy is the best shot that you have, and this is where SEO comes in handy. Search engines are ranking the highest-quality content to be among the top searches. The higher your site is ranked, the more leads you will generate. Below are the top SEO lead generation strategies.

Conducting audits to pinpoint improvement opportunities

You have to carry out audits to determine how your SEO is doing and also identify the areas that need to be enhanced. With an audit, you will find out how your site is ranked by search engines, the reasons why it is ranked that way, and any potential opportunities for improvement.

Having a site that lists your products or services is not enough. You have to closely examine how it is performing and whether it sticks to the best practices for SEO. You cannot generate leads if your site’s pages do not have some targeted keywords or SEO-meta titles. An audit will give you a detailed guideline on what you need to do to improve your SEO. SEO audit tools like SEOptimer and SEOmator can help you conduct an effective audit on your site.

Know your target audience

You should have comprehensive data on the people that you are trying to reach. All of their demographics, income levels, and the challenges they are faced with are some of the most important pieces of information you should have. It is also important to know the digital media platform that people visiting your site are coming from. This way you can optimize your keywords so that your site has a high ranking by search engines.

Design your site in a mobile-friendly manner

We are in the smartphone era. A huge percentage of people accessing the internet are doing so from mobile devices. According to statistics by Google, 60% of the searches are conducted using mobile devices. This trend necessitated Google to create an algorithm that boosts sites that have been designed in a mobile-friendly manner.

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There are high chances of your site being lower ranked by search engines if it is not mobile-friendly. A few years ago, having a mobile-friendly site was not a necessity. Nowadays, it is a crucial differentiator if you want your site to have exemplary performance in search engines. Google has even created a tool that tests whether your site is mobile-friendly.

Pay close attention to social media

Most successful SEO sites generate the majority of their leads from social media. Your target should not be increasing leads to your site while paying little attention to your social media following. The two complement each other. Social media is the best platform where you can create your brand awareness. This way, you create opportunities that will have a positive impact on your SEO in the long run.

Today, every search engine factors in the presence or absence of social media when they rank sites. Though it may not have a great role to play like the content on your site, its impact can still be felt. It is therefore important to work on increasing your social media following as well as generating more leads.

Optimizing your blog

Blogs can be a great help when it comes to generating SEO leads. Make sure you look into the existing content while adding the correct subheadings, links, and hashtags. The important thing is to keep updating your blog with new and relevant content. You can include as many keywords as you can in the blogs, but ensure they appear where they are relevant.

Additionally, you can use guest blogs to generate more leads to your site. You can reach agreements with other site owners to do guest blogs with links to your site as you do the same with theirs.

Use keywords from the competition as a guideline

Sometimes it can be very hard to understand how keywords in the industry of your specialization work. To avoid wasting too much time researching for some, you can see what your competitors have done. There are tools you can use like SEMRush that can help you identify the words that are ranking your competitors higher. You can analyze those words and come up with an idea of your own as far as the best keywords to use.

If strictly followed, the above SEO lead generation strategies can skyrocket the traffic on your site. The most important thing is to continue updating your content, and in the long term, the results will be incredible. SEO lead generation is something you do over time, but in the end, you can build a huge audience, which translates to more customers as well as sales and also enhancing your credibility.