What are the pros and cons of cable internet?

Cable Internet is the most popular, fastest, and convenient Internet option and it uses coaxial cables rather than phone lines to connect any computer to the Internet. The quality of service greatly depends on the internet plan and the ISP you use. Therefore, the speed of cable Internet can vary between 768 kbps (kilobits per second) to 15 Mbps (megabits per second), and that is way too faster than any satellite, dial-up, or DSL connection.

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Cable internet, like anything else, comes with some advantages and a few disadvantages both when you choose a cable Internet connection instead of any other categories of broadband, and it is vital to keep all the factors in mind while selecting the most suitable type of Internet connection according to your particular needs.

Here, in this article, we will be highlighting some pros and cons of cable internet. So, without further delay, let’s get started:

Pros of having Cable Internet connection

Next, we are pointing some of the common pros of cable Internet connection:

  • Cable internet does not need a telephone line to function, which means you have an equipped connection at your disposal always. This is pretty useful and time-saving in the sense that you don’t need to dial every time to connect with your Internet connection plus there are no charges for dial-up. Besides that, this enables you to stay connected to your Internet connection all the time.
  • Significantly faster than any other categories of available broadband connections which include dial-up, DSL, and satellite. This allows the cable internet users to transfer data effortlessly including photos, videos, and music, at the highest internet speeds.
  • It also supports data-consuming online activities which include online gaming, making the users’ playing experience considerably of better quality than usual.
  • Not as vulnerable to dropout as a standard dial-up Internet connection could be.
  • Cable TV is still a source of pure entertainment that serves you with numerous TV channels, DVR service, and on-demand content that you can watch and get tailored packages along with other internet and phone services. Something you cannot have any alternative service in the market. You would be paying a separate internet bill with a certain amount of excessive data so you can conveniently watch your preferred online entertainment.
  • You have the remote in your hands. You press the buttons and change the TV channels to watch your favorite shows or news channel without buffering or facing issues during peak hours. Cable TV does not have downtime. So, when you cut off your Cable TV subscription, you’ll lose this freedom.

Cons of having Cable Internet connection

Some of the commonly faced disadvantages of having a cable Internet service:

  • The speed of the internet is not as fast as a standard fiber-optic Internet service, and the speed you are getting every so often depends on the number of people in your house or neighborhood who are connected to the cable Internet simultaneously. Your cable internet speed could be noticeably sluggish when you are online through the peak hours.
  • Initial connectivity charges could often be pretty high, particularly if you request a professional specialist mount the equipment at your place.
  • It may not available in all the areas because cable internet requires an underground network to function. The prices could be higher in some places due to the same reason.

While you are determining whether a cable Internet connection is a suitable choice for you or not, it is vital to keep in your mind the pros and cons both linked with it. Because these reasons could help you make an educated decision and choice. Although cable Internet may require a little more investment (in terms of money) than any other broadband options at the market. The amplified connection speeds you get and the various benefits linked with cable internet can make it valuable spending – like million other Americans. One of the reasons why people find it convenient is through bundling up other services such as Cable internet, home phone or home security, etc. By doing this, they end up saving a few hundred dollars by the end of the year due to the discounted deals. Also, the comprehensive channel line ups that come with cable TV, are yet to be discovered by any other alternative service on the market.

Final Thoughts

Cable internet, as we mention in the above discussion, beats all other previously used types of internet. This makes it one of the fastest internet options we have today alongside fiber-optic internet connection that is faster than this. Rest, the decision has to be users, we shared all the prominent reasons why people buy or regret buying cable internet connections. The performance of your cable internet connection depends on where you live and what ISPs are available there.