What to Consider When Buying Spray Foam Insulation?

Once you decide to make an investment by purchasing a spray foam rig, it is essential that you properly equip the trailer to achieve maximum efficiency. There are commercial spray foam insulation kits available in the market which you can acquire for your business. You should first take into consideration what you will be using the rig for and whether it is for commercial or industrial use.

You should decide on whether you want to use your gadget for large scale projects like working on air barrier systems and rooftops or simply focusing on low scale wall insulation. Regardless of what your plan entails, commercial spray foam insulation kits can come in handy when putting together your spray foam equipment. There are several factors that should consider when buying or building a spray foam rig, they include the following.

The Optimal Size for Your Spray Foam Rig

The size of your equipment is very crucial when building your spray foam rig. You should first determine the amount of electricity that will effectively power your compressor as well as the proportioner. The lights and other equipment for the insulation should receive enough power to run during operation. There are varied options that range from low-level electric units to generators, gas compressors and electric compressors for large scale operations.

Though it is usually advised that you should not buy more items than you require, this not the case when it comes to electrical power. You should consider investing in your power supply in which case you should think big. It is better to start off big rather than being frustrated by getting an upgrade in the future.

Determining the right size of power, such as a generator involves looking into four key tips. First, you should be able to make a list of all the system components together with their peak load requirements in terms of watts. Secondly, you should sum up the number of watts required for all the system components. Thirdly, find the product of the wattage by multiplying it by 1.25 for the determination of kilovolt amperes. Lastly, you should pick a generator that has a size that is equal to or greater than the kilovolt amperes that has been determined. It is important to note that using proportioner power cables that surpass the kilovolt amperes is recommended. Otherwise, the fluctuations in voltage can ruin your electrical equipment.

Determining the Type of Trailer to Use

It is important to choose a rig that meets all your requirements. For instance, any truck can be used to pull a trailer, but a gooseneck type of trailer can only be handled by a fifth wheel. This is because gooseneck trailers are designed to handle large loads which makes them more challenging to control, especially in tight spaces.

Your rig should be equipped with proper frames and axles that are strongly attached to allow safe handling of goods. This is especially important when driving on rocky roads which are mostly the job sites. The rig should be able to operate safely even when carrying less than its maximum capacity, which is the case when returning from a job site without loads of material. Pay attention to the gross weight rating of the particular truck before making a purchase. When you add the weight of the truck to the gross weight rating, one might find that the truck is unable to carry the weight required safely.

Best Trailer Door Style

The style of the door is also essential when choosing the best spray foam rig. Barn style type of doors allows easy loading of materials with the use of a forklift. They are also appropriate for tight spaces while allowing the doors to remain clean and away from the mud when compared to the ramp style.

Ramp style type of doors allows easy handling of material when you don’t have a forklift. You are able to get essay entry of goods through the elimination of step up. The ramp style doors are the best alternative if you don’t plan of using a forklift.

Safety Considerations

Protecting yourself when handling your equipment is very important. You should include essential items such as fire extinguishers, wash station and a fully stocked first aid kit. Material bracing ensures that your goods are protected while in motion. Electric wires should be well placed to avoid a fire hazard.

Equipment Questions to Consider

As you make a decision on which equipment is best, you should check to see if it has a warranty. Also, ask yourself if the rig comes with a hose hatch. This is to ensure that the temperature fluctuations don’t affect the materials. How high is the interior height? Will it be easier to move the pump without tilting the drums? Another key question to ask yourself is if the spray rig is insulated. Check to see if it uses a heater or air conditioner because the maintenance of the chemical temperature allows better control of the materials in the truck.