How Gen Z Changing the Game of Social Media Marketing?

Many companies have come to realize that to effectively reach younger demographics, marketing campaigns need to focus on utilizing social media. While Generation X and millennials are avid social media users, Generation Z is unique in their social media usage.

As the generation that grew up with social media, it has affected them in many ways, particularly how social media marketing can affect members of Generation Z. From what they wear, who they admire, to what to eat, Gen Z is known for taking cues from social media far more than any other generation.

But it can be chancy working with social media marketing. No one wants to invest time and money into a marketing campaign that may not reach its intended audience. So if you want to be sure your business’ message reaches Gen Z, let’s go through the most popular platforms, what they are best used for, and how to create a campaign message that will appeal to Gen Z.

Social Media Platforms Preferred By Generation Z

A recent study has unveiled the top three preferred social media platforms are Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. These platforms and other top social media platforms are used by Gen Z as follows:

  • Snapchat – 88%
  • Instagram – 88%
  • Facebook – 81%
  • Twitter – 66.6%

As for the social media platforms Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, less than 50% of Gen Z report using these social media outlets. However, as for daily usage, Snapchat beats out the other social media platforms.

Daily usage is important to reach maximum exposure of your business’ marketing message. So while Gen Z may use Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook fairly equally, they do not use it equally day-to-day. Platform usage on a daily basis are:

  • Snapchat – 78%
  • Instagram – 76%
  • Facebook – 66%

Between these platforms and other social media sites, Gen Z members tend to spend 11 hours a day on social media. That is a lot of time where you could be having your company’s message reach this audience!

Gen Z Favorite Uses Of Top Social Media Platforms

With Generation Z projected to make up the third-largest age group, it is important to understand not just what platforms are being used but how the social platforms are being used.

  • Snapchat – Primarily used for keeping up with friends and family. However, they don’t tend to watch blatant advertising. But, Gen Z also follows celebrities and social media influencers on Snapchat. So to conduct a successful campaign, utilizing well-known personalities is important on Snapchat.
  • Instagram – Incorporating the story aspect of Snapchat, the social platform Instagram is a highly visual platform where more of Gen Z is comfortable following non-friends and family. Most members of Gen Z access Instagram from their smartphones, so if marketing campaigns are visually appealing on mobile, they will appeal more to Gen Z members.
  • Facebook – While the main focus of Facebook for Gen Z members is to connect with family and friends, it can be an effective marketing tool. Specifically because when family and friends verify they like a product or brand, it can heavily influence Gen Z buyers.
  • Twitter – This more anonymous platform should not be ignored by companies who want to reinforce their business’ brand. However, it is on the lower end of social media platforms that Gen Z members use, so while it should not be neglected, it should not be the main focus of your marketing campaign.

So once you know how these platforms are used, there is one other key way that Gen Z influences your social media marketing – brand messaging.

How To Build An Effective Brand Campaign Using Social Media

Social media marketing strategies need to step carefully when it comes to Generation Z. The aggressive, blatant commercials from the 1990s and early 2000s won’t work with this generation. These social media savvy kids require a different approach.

  • Organic message – Having a campaign message that real users endorse is key to a successful marketing campaign. Encouraging users to talk about your product on their various social media outlets, sometimes with special incentives for sharing, is one of the best ways to influence Gen Z buyers. To kickstart the organic messaging, you can have popular social media influencers review your product on their social media channels. Many Gen Z members trust and are influenced by these social media personalities.
  • Unique product – Okay, nothing is that unique or new, but your social media marketing needs to make your product appear unique. For instance, using a footstool in the bathroom is not a unique idea but the way Squatty Potty was marketed made this product explode in popularity.

While there are social media dangers you should look out for when marketing to the young Gen Z members, overall, social media is the way to go to reach this marketing demographic. So keep these points in mind as your company constructs their next social media marketing campaign.