How to Monitor Facebook Chat on your Teen’s Android Cell Phone?

Around 11% of the world’s population use Facebook to communicate with the people around the globe. More than 2 billion messages and 17 billion photos are sent through Facebook Messenger per month. Facebook has turned out to be the most popular social networking platform among teens and adults.

At the same time, the platform is widely being used by the online predators, bullies, scammers, hackers, pedophiles and online criminals. The likelihood of your children exposing to the online scoundrels on the social media site is the highest. Your teenage girl might be communicating with a predator or receiving harassing messaging from someone online.

Unfortunately, teens and tweens most often do not inform their parents when something bad happens online because they think their parents won’t understand them and take their online devices back. In such circumstances, the cell phone monitoring app helps parents to keep track of their kids’ online activities and become aware of the unpleasant incidents kids are facing online.

How to Monitor Facebook Chat on Android?

There is no need to hack your kid’s Facebook account or knowing her password to read her Facebook messages. You can simply install the mobile phone spy app on her Android phone and receive the Facebook messages on your own device. All the text messages, photos, videos, audios, stickers, and emoticons your teen receives and sends through Facebook can be tracked with the help of Facebook Spy App.

How does Facebook Spy App Work?

Installing the Spy app on your kids’ Android phones help parents remotely monitor the activities performed on those devices. The app automatically activates after installation on the target device and starts fetching and uploading the data stored on the device to the spy app online account. Parents can log into that account from any device and check out the phone data uploaded to that account by the spy app.

The app lets you read the text messages, instant messages, multimedia messages, individual and group messages exchanged via Facebook and other popular instant messengers and social media apps. If your teen deletes the Facebook chat from her phone, the messages remain visible on the spy app account and can be seen anytime and from anywhere.

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The Facebook spy app enables parents to closely watch out their kids’ activities to ensure they are not being victimized by the scoundrels on the social media platform. They can see whom their kids are in contact with; what they post online; what photos and videos they share on Facebook and who are in their friends/followers/following lists. The Facebook monitoring helps you detect the vulnerabilities at an earlier stage so you can discuss it with your kids and provide them the support to combat the situation.

For example, if someone is bullying your kid and posting embarrassing photos or comments, you can help your kiddo to deal with that bully. On the contrary, the unreported and continuous bullying can lead your kid to depression and even suicide.

What Else can the Spy App Do?

The Android spy app presents scores of tools to monitor teens’ mobile phone use and safeguard them from the threats in the real and online world. In addition to Facebook tracking, the mobile phone spy app lets you track the most popular social media platforms among youngsters including Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, Telegram and IMO.

You can spy on the most dangerous and insecure instant messengers such as Kik and the risky dating apps like Tinder. The individual and group messages received and transmitted via these apps can be tracked as a defensive measure to keep your children safe online.

The Android tracking app enables parents to monitor the internet use of their kids getting the detail of time, date and frequency of searching information and websites. The information helps you know whether or not your kid is exposing to age-inappropriate content on the internet or using the internet only for entertainment purposes and not for educational and learning objectives.

Moreover, you can spy on the phone calls received and made from the targeted Android phone; record the inbound and outbound calls; track the current GPS location of your kids; create virtual boundaries to restrict kids from entering unsafe zones; track the incoming and outgoing emails with the detail of email sender and receiver; get the keystrokes of username, password and email addresses; retrieve the deleted and hidden photos and videos once stored on the Android phone of your teens.

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Meanwhile, you can safeguard your teens from the real world threat. The spy app lets you control the microphone and camera of your teen’s phone to monitor the surrounding scenes and sounds. You can see where and with whom your kids are and what are they doing. You can listen to their voices and surrounding sounds and rescue them on smelling dangers.