How a Spy App Can Help Protect Your Business Secrets?

The use of spy app for business secret protection is nothing new. In the past, people have been using such tools and apps to protect their business. These days, the employers have access to the best software and technology to protect the business and workplace tools. However, there still remain issues when it comes to business security and employees are the reason why some companies see data breaches.

This issue can be resolved if the employers use spy app to keep eyes on the staff and everyone who works at offices. There are many tools but we will talk about the best one here. The spy apps have a good number of benefits for the companies and help them protect their business secrets. However, there is a dire need to understand the laws regarding use of spy apps for employees.

This is How Spy App Helps Protect Business Secrets

Many companies around the world have their own systems and tools to spy on the employees. You should not forget how Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs watched the iPhone team in privacy. This project was a highly confidential one and the employees were being monitored all the time. But today, the case may not be the same. Yet, still companies watch the employees in their privacy.

For small and medium level businesses, creating their own solution for this thing can be hard. So for them outsourcing a third party solution is the best choice and economical as well. We have checked a number of spy app for the employers and found BlurSPY the best one in the market. This app offers all the features employers will need to spy on the staff and protect their business data.

When it comes to the features, BlurSPY provides a number of features. The employers usually need to monitor the phone calls of the employees. BlurSPY offers this feature and it also allows the users to intercept live calls as well as record them. You can do all this remotely. Another useful feature is to check the locations of the employees. It allows employers to track the live locations of the staff.


Talking about other features, social media hacking, multimedia monitoring, email hacking, bugging the mic and camera, remote control features, checking contact lists, viewing phone and internet history and others are included. These features are enough for an employer to spy on the staff and know about their activities.

Understanding Employee Tracking Laws

There are different methods to spy on the staff and track their activities. Most of the offices have video surveillance tools. The purpose is to protect the business, ensure safe environment at workplace, reduce theft and stealing cases, improve the productivity of theemployees and deal with women harassment issues. This is indeed a very helpful option for these matters.

But the employers should do all this following the laws and rules. There are federal and state laws when it comes to tracking the employees. The basic rule is to ensure transparency in data collection. If the employees track the phones or use video camera, the privacy of the employees should be respected. They should not be disturbed at all otherwise the employees will leave the companies.

Next important thing is to get the permission or consent of the employees. Every employer or company has a legal obligation to obtain the permission of the employees when they are to be monitored. The employees should be informed that their computers, devices or tablets given by the companies will be monitored. So they will be careful in this regard and not involve in any illegal activities.

Lastly, the employers should do everything within the laws. The data collected should be available only to the bosses and the company executives. It should not be shared with anyone. When the company wants to track the employees and spy on their personal phones, it should follow the laws as well. Otherwise it can create legal issues and troubles for the employers.