Investing Dubai’s Property Market – What To Expect In Return

The property market in Dubai has emerged as a wonderful investment vehicle to both yield- and growth-focused investors. In fact, it’s going to offer much more to the investors in times to come. Here we have a few reasons why you should be investing in Dubai’s property market and what you can expect in return.

  • Great Value For Your Money

In comparison to other business centers around the world like Hong Kong, New York, and London, Dubai’s price-to-value for the investors is simply unparalleled. Besides, it’s quite less costly to enter Dubai’s property market as well compared to various other markets.

  • It’s Tax-Free To Invest In Dubai Properties

As there are no capital gains and income taxes applicable to Dubai’s residents, investing in property market in Dubai is incredibly appealing for the savvy investors. If you’ve ever invested in some foreign real estate market and had to pay the capital gains tax there, you’d know how huge an advantage it’s going to be for an investor.

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  • It’s Expat-Friendly

What’s more appealing for the property market in Dubai is that it’s open for all the investors from all over the world.So, the investments are rather easy here and much more accessible to the potential buyers who may belong anywhere around the world. So, the investing is more simple and streamlined regardless of your nationality. With such diversity among buyers in the Dubai’s property market, the prices in the market can be expected to stay more stable than anywhere else in the world because they’re not dependent on just one country’s economic conditions.

  • Location

Dubai enjoys a unique, central location geographically which makes it easily accessible for the international investors. Linked directly to some of the biggest cities around the world, Dubai International Airport remains to be among busiest airports around the world. Your investments in Dubai’s property market are very well safeguarded by such huge exposure because it allows for a wide range of buyers who belong to so many different countries.

  • Expo 2020 Is A Huge Opportunity

The most anticipated Expo 2020 will expectedly bring around 25 million people to Dubai and it will lead to almost 277000 jobs in the emirate. That’s definitely going to impact the Dubai’s property market big time. According to a few experts, the property prices will grow by 20-35% in the entire region directly due to Expo 2020. So, that’s big news for those investors investing now.

  • Rapid Growth

The city is seeing rapid growth and is among top cities all over the world that are growing this fast. And as the city continues to grow at a record pace, both investors and owners are going to see really exciting days moving forward.

  • Incentives

You won’t find many places around the world where companies and individuals are offered better incentives to do business. However, Dubai offers you everything you need to make the most of your investments. With tax incentives offered across all the industries and top notch infrastructure, the Emirati government has set up a business-friendly and mutually beneficial platform. The unique mix you have here won’t be available in any other part of the world.

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  • High ROI

Besides offering tax-free investment opportunities, luxury apartments in Dubai also expect a huge capital appreciation along with above-average return on investment. With average ROI on rents going somewhere up to 7% and going as high up as 10%, Dubai certainly should be your next investment destination. Furthermore, the bank interest on loans hover below 4% making property market in Dubai more attractive for cash and finance buyers alike.

  • Impeccable Life Quality

Some amazing architecture, low crime rate, superb weather, and best infrastructure, Dubai offers an impeccable life quality which you may not find in many other big cities around the world. There are some of the most amazing retail, dining and cultural options available here and people love this city for it.

  • Diversification

Not all the investment options are as diversified as property investments. It’s considered more of a hybrid asset which allows you to control the proceedings the way you like.

  • Population Growth

Dubai is not just seeing quick economic and infrastructure growth, but its population is also continuously on the rise. Expected to reach 5 million population by 2020, the rise in demand will affect the property market positively in future.

  • Variety Of Developers And Properties Available

Just like the population in Dubai, there diverse options available in terms of developers and areas as well. The investors can choose from amongst a variety of properties and areas depending on the investment goals they have. So, investing in lucrative apartments is no longer going to be an issue for investors in Dubai.

What are you waiting for then? With great returns and some amazing investment opportunities, it’s time you take advantage of the property market in Dubai. You’ll surely be able to reap impeccable returns.