Why PHP is Good Choice for Web Development?

PHP has gained immense popularity and admiration from web developers across the world. 

In fact, if someone wants to develop a feature-rich website that is dynamic, interactive, secure and reliable with good functionality, PHP is the first choice.

There are several benefits that PHP brings forth like it supports Sybase, Oracle etc. and consists of simple methods, functions as well as syntax. This is also known for supporting the database management system and another open source database.

Here are some of the major benefits that make PHP stand out. Take a look.

  • PHP is Simple and Easy – PHP is very easy to learn and the code is clean and organised. The syntax is quite simple and anyone who knows how to code in any language can easily learn to code in PHP. For the new learners a short learning curve is advantageous before taking up PHP as a scripting language. The clean and organised code also makes it simpler for the PHP developers to join any team even in the later phase of the project development process without getting lost in the code.  So after hiring a PHP developer for the project, if you want other PHP developers later into the project you can easily go for it.

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  • PHP is Open Source, Friendly and Free – PHP happens to be developed, open source and is updated by the developer community worldwide. They ensure that the language is not just relevant but that it remains in the sync with the latest technological trends. It is the most popular programming language and you will get plethora of developers who can complete the project and also be available when you need to make changes. The constant effort by the community on development ensures that the language is known commonly and remains friendly during the execution.
  • PHP Works Exceptionally with CMS – The recent and latest trend towards the adaptive content is a crucial competitive need for the businesses. The adaptive content offers personalised contents for the individual visitors to the website with the help of visitor history or sign in. This is possible because of the code of the website which can be integrated and customised with the CMS. The PHP makes websites extremely flexible as a result of which developers can change them at their will.  The websites made on PHP are fully customisable and can be altered to meet the changing requirements of the customers easily.  This is especially because the CMS or Content Management Systems like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and others are based on PHP and therefore integrating or developing a solid customised CMS with the website is not very challenging.

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  • PHP is Highly Compatible – This is one language that works seamlessly with all the major operating systems, web servers and databases. It supports an OS like Solaris or Linux. At the same time the programmers can also opt to choose from a variety of databases. Some commonly used protocols like POP3, HTTP, LDAP COM, etc. are also supported by PHP.
  • PHP is Flexible and Dynamic – The websites and web apps that are programmed by PHP are highly secure and they can be scaled very easily. This one is an encrypted language that leads to more flexibility and dynamism. Without the need for manual intervention, the websites and web apps refresh automatically. The language provides maximum flexibility as compared with any of its competitors. It can be customised for meeting the needs of web development.  Because it is an open source language, you can use any editor for writing the code. It can be combined with various libraries for special effects and for graphics.
  • PHP is Backed by Vast Community – This is a corollary of PHP which is being open source language. The language has a growing and vast community of professional experts and developers willing to support the beginners. They get involved continuously to address the latest issues that the web developing community face. Moreover, the popularity of the language along with the availability of the developers implies that you are bound to get highly competitive pricing.
  • PHP Framework is Easy to Maintain -You can easily maintain the code with the PHP framework. This framework follows the Model-View-Controller or MVC architecture. You can easily separate the files for different modules.  As it is simple to maintain the developer can spend more time on writing the website code instead of spending time on this.

These are just some of the reasons why PHP is preferred by most for web development. If you, too, want a grand website that will be hassle-free and work seamlessly to attract traffic and conversions, hire a reliable and efficient php website development company. The team there will ensure that you get the best value for your money and also provide you with optimum support whenever you need.