How to Find Someone on Instagram by Phone Number

Social Networking sites are created to connect people with each other. You can connect with any person sitting thousands miles away from you. Facebook , Twitter ,  Instagram tiktok all these social media have different methods to search for folks.  All you have to do is find their username and search it on Instagram search box and there you go.

Although searching someone with username is not effective as it was used to be in the past with many people having similar usernames across the world it will be really difficult to find the desired profile you are looking for. Therefore finding someone with username is not difficult but it is time consuming process as well.

There is a different and easy method to find people on instagram that is through their phone number.  Mostly everyone has attached their mobile number at the time of registration with their account so it becomes easy to find the right user if you have their phone number.

There is complete guide step by step to find Instagram account with their phone number. Let’s talk about that in detail below.

  • First and foremost requirement to find someone using their number is that person number should be saved in your contact list.
  • Open the instagram from your device once you have saved the contact details in your phone.
  • Next tap on Connect with contacts options instagram will ask you for the permission simple allow this because if you deny this instagram won’t be able to see your contacts. This can be done through contact synchronizing.
  • Go to the IG Profile see in the right corner and tap on the hamburger icon three dashes staked at the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • You will find an option “Discover People”, Click on that as show in below screen shot.
  • After doing the above steps you can see all the profiles in your instagram account associated with their number.
  • Now you can click on the desired profile you want to follow
  • If no number is registered with the account it will be show as no number available.


  • However trying to find someone that you don’t know personally on instagram by stealing their number from somewhere would be considered as un-ethical and we won’t recommend to follow you the above guide.
  • Secondly, if that person hasn’t linked any mobile number with that account you won’t be able to find that person.
  • If a person has turn his account private then we will advise you not to send request to that person as it might be annoying for that person as he choose to keep his account only for restricted people.

Conclusion– Most importantly before you do any of the steps you have to save the contact detail manually in your phone for it to work. Hope the complete guide about “How to find someone’s on Instagram by Phone Number” will help you in your instagram search.