How To Use Instagram For Social Media Marketing

No wonder, online marketing has emerged as the need of the hour for all kinds of businesses out there. So when business owners think of promoting their product or service on the web, social media occurs as the primary thought in their minds. Therefore, when social media is brought into the discussion, Instagram manages to be at the top with over 2 billion active users.

According to recent research, a typical user spends around 8 minutes of their time on the application and over 5 million stories are updated daily. This is enough reason to promote products and services through Instagram. Here’s how you can use Instagram for social media marketing:

●       Switch to Business Profile Right now

Before you decide to come up with a stellar marketing strategy, ensure to have an official business account on this platform. Switching to the business profile is much easier than you think. All you have to do is click on the “switch to business profile”, so you can get started. Bear In mind, switching to the business profile will help cement a strong reputation of your business in the minds of the customers. For instance, when the audience sees the contact button, they will be guided to your website.

A business profile enables you to create an Instagram ad without having to sift through the advertising tools. If you don’t know, Instagram analytical tools provide you stats about the impression and how many people can be reached out to.

●       Posting Product Teasers Will Be Highly Beneficial

What if you could easily sell a large number of products with a short teaser in a day? Well, yes you can! Instagram is the best platform to sell your product or service. And, if you get things right, you won’t have to rely on any other form of marketing to make it to the minds of the prospective customers. Bear in mind, if you’re too pushy, your followers will get repulsed and look for other options.

However, when you choose little teasers and give glimpses about an upcoming product, the customers will get excited about it. You can easily shoot the video at work and use an Instagram video maker to get things done.

●       Make the Most Out of Free Instagram Marketing Tools

Simply put, business profiles on Instagram are almost similar to those of Facebook profiles. Therefore, when you get hold of the insights, they will allow you to measure engagement data, impressions, and a lot more. You even get to know the demographics of your current followers. This will provide information on gender, age, location, and active hours.

Not to forget, insights aren’t to be generalized. However, you will get the specific insights without a doubt. For your information, each of these tools is priceless, as you can get to know how users are engaging with your content.

●       Invest in Sponsored Ads

No wonder, Instagram ads are all over the place and have emerged as the hottest trend in the online marketing world. The best part about Instagram ads is, you get to control them with help from various factors. You can easily showcase sponsored ads with the carousel feature. This way, brands get a chance to target the relevant audience easily.

For your information, when sponsored posts weren’t there, only the users following a certain account could see the updated photos and videos. Now, brands are investing in sponsored ads, so they can promote their photos to find the relevant audience. So if you haven’t invested in paid ads, now is the best time to embrace their importance and see how they will cast a magic spell on the sales of your product/service.